Automatic maintenance minders

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Elm, Sep 8, 2018.

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  1. Elm

    Elm New Member

    Just got A01 service completed yesterday at the dealer. Yep, got that oil change after ~400 gasoline powered miles and 6200 electric miles. Today, my Clarity reports the next maintenance is due in 6 months. So, um, how do it know? And what should it be?
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  3. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

  4. Tahuna

    Tahuna Member

    I haven't had this come up yet, but I'm wondering - is this just a scam to get you to spend money at Honda service? What happens if you don't do it? What happens if you go somewhere other than the dealer?
  5. Elm

    Elm New Member

    Thanks....I did see that that one. I kinda thought getting a new maintenance minder while on the way home from getting the first maintenance minder serviced by Honda was different enough and a wee bit on the premature side. I don't know what set the first maintenance minder. It may have been based on time - my car arrived at the dealer in January 2018 and I don't recall seeing when it was manufactured in Japan. I don't have any data that this new minder is solely based on anticipated oil usage. The owner's manual doesn't give a lot of info as to what goes into the maintenance minder - or maybe i just missed that. Did my Honda dealer reset my minder improperly? Can I set it up better? I guess I am left wondering what is going on with a minder that goes off less than 24 hours after getting service?
  6. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

    Ahh, I see the problem now. I wonder if the dealer can affect that MM interval? I wouldn't put it past a dealer to set it see a car every 6 months regardless of miles. (But I don't want my cynicism about dealers to show too much!) I would at least ask the servicing dealer about it, since it makes no sense to get a MM right after service.
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  8. David A

    David A Guest

    Love the car. Have no regrets buying the car...but

    ...on the Honda Clarity, the MM is utter BS when it comes to oil change intervals. Even if you assume 50-50 split on EV vs ICE...oil change interval should be at a minimum 15,000 miles or one year...period. Car companies and their dealer network have earned the reputation that they have...hardly qualifies as cynicism.

    Of course a person can take any car under warranty to any mechanic they choose...or do it yourself. Keep all receipts and detailed documentation on all work performed. Its on you to ensure a qualified mechanic does the work or you do it correctly if DIY.

    I despise the way these car companies use tactics to install doubt and fear about warranty coverage if you don't use their dealership network for maintenance. The dealers are not going to do anything about this except follow what Honda says via MM. Most often the dealers are either stupid or they play stupid and act like they don't know or understand squat. In the meantime, you are shelling out good money for totally unnecessary oil changes plus what ever else they can sell you.

    Honda branded oil and oil filters are decent, run of the mill parts. If a person uses Honda OEM filter/oil OR or a name brand, extended life oil filter and a name brand 0w-20 full synthetic oil that meets API standards...either will meet or exceed Honda specs...and be able to perform more than adequately for 15k (7500 on ICE assuming 50-50 split) or one year.

    I understand there will be exceptions due to conditions etc and thats all well and good. Folks just have to understand the environment they drive in and decide if MM is reasonable or not. Majority of folks I would wager are being taken for a ride on oil change intervals.

    Folks need to stand up to this blatant and calculated effort by Honda to placate the dealership network and that is all this is. The software in the Clarity for MM is not an oversight or an is a well thought out process.

    Love the car. Have no regrets buying the car...but...dealing with Honda is no different then dealing with Toyota or Subaru or Ford...they're all the same.
  9. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    We just got the same A1 service showed up after driving 6500 miles on our car. When we tried to make an appointment with one of local Honda dealers, we got an online quote for $89.95. This seems like a lot for an oil change and tire rotation.

    Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 1.13.46 PM.png

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