Australia going Electric

Discussion in 'General' started by DonDeeHippy, Jul 3, 2018.

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  1. DonDeeHippy

    DonDeeHippy Member

    I saw a article in The Australian about electric cars and how in 50 years they will take over.
    So I got to thinking well that would be a lot of reorganizing.

    Reading up on electric cars, it seams the biggest advantage is that the owners unless going on a big trip , never have to goto a gas station again, just drive for the day then plug in at home and recharge the vehicle at night. Tesla have about 600km's of range
    So most recharging will be at night and at off peak hours , solar panels wont work well there.
    So I googled and worked this out [​IMG]

    The estimated number of motor vehicles registered in Australia was 18.2 million.
    These vehicles travelled an estimated total of 249,512 million kilometres in Australia, with an average 13,716 kilometres per vehicle.
    Total fuel consumption by all road registered vehicles was 32,732 megalitres.[email protected]/mf/9208.0/

    ok that's 685,000,000 Km's a day done in Australia
    The average EV uses .18 mwh for a Kilometre
    Thats 123 GWH a day
    It cost 100 million for the 135mwh Tesla Battery in SA
    so 10 of them would be 1.35 Gwh and 1 billion dollars
    1000 of them would be 135 gwh and cost 100 billion dollars.

    It looks Like solar panels r about 1 million per GWh in Aus atm
    so lets be kind and say 5 hours a day average, so they need 25gwh of solar panels to power all of aussies vehicle's
    That's 25 Billion
    Add 10 Billion for incedentals
    So at todays prices it would cost 135 Billion dollars to Power every Vehicle in Australia.
    the panels will last 20 years the battery 10 years .

    Ok Now lets look at Fuel not used
    32,732 megalitres (thats a million) a year
    so 32,732,000,000 litres a year
    to make it easy say fuel is $1,50 a Litre
    $49,098,000,000 a year is spend on fuel
    49 Billion Dollars

    So fuel over 10 years will be 490 Billion Dollars
    Battery and solar will be 135 Billion Dollars.
    and the solar panels will still be good for 10 years, and the batteries will still be usable just less capacity, all the buildings and site prep is done so only the cost of replacing the battery for the next 10 years
    So over 10 years if australia goes fully Electric there will be a saving of 355 Billion dollars in fuel costs alone
    Also once installed solar and battery wont go up in price for 10 years, do u think petrol will still be $1.5 in 10 years
    The Biggist winner here will be Australia as Australia imports 95% of its fuel from overseas

    So even if the materials to build if r from overseas, the labour will come from here and the 355 billions dollars will still be in Australian hands as savings to our population
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  3. Martik

    Martik New Member

    Nice work! Did you send a copy of that to the Aussie PM
    Malcolm Turnbull
  4. jahav

    jahav New Member

    Your battery 1000 batteries have capacity 135 GWh and you need to charge 123 GWh a day. That means basically full charge discharge cycle every day.

    I think batteries won't last 10 years under such conditions, that would be 3650 full charge/discharge cycles.

    I don't know how many cycles can Tesla battery take, figure 1000 cycle is commonly used. I look at Tesloop "superchage every night" Model S 90D and it looks like it could last to 800 000 km (they had several battery failures, but it looks reasonable). 90 kWh battery has range ~473 km. 800000/478 = 1691 cycles (very roughly).

    You should either increase number of batteries (double) or shorten the expected replacement time.
  5. DonDeeHippy

    DonDeeHippy Member

    yeah well got 350 billion to play with so another 100 billion would only make a 250 billion saving... Fixed :)

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