Audi Q4 e-Tron better than Tesla Model Y?

Discussion in 'General' started by car enthusiast 55, May 17, 2021.

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  1. car enthusiast 55

    car enthusiast 55 New Member

    Is Audi better than Tesla model Y? After watching this video, I don't think so apart from the range.
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  3. Better is a relative term. I was talking to my wife about her next car and asked if it will be an EV. She likes them but isn’t secure with the hodgepodge charging infrastructure. She drives an Audi right now and prefers the brand but stated she would be more comfortable in a Tesla due to the plentiful charging network and the cars management of the network to route you to stations as needed.
  4. Earl

    Earl Active Member

    We have friends with a Q4. Like my colleague with a Bolt, they always drive their ICE on all but local trips. Even trips to their 2nd home only 120 miles away.
    The Audi definitely is definitely a good car and is much more plush and 'luxurious'.
    The issue is what you want. He's in a position in an industry where image matters. Since everyone has a Tesla today, having something distinctive and luxurious matters to him so the Audi makes sense.
    I'm glad there are some choices today since the fact that he's driving an electric day-to-day is the important factor, IMHO.
  5. As has been said, "better" is relevant and what might be better for one is not better for another. The Audi is a much more traditionally luxurious looking car, but it has significantly worse mileage than the Tesla. I considered both, but ultimately chose the Tesla Y (on order, still waiting).
  6. Roscoetuff

    Roscoetuff New Member

    The Audi Q4 EV will be the equivalent of the VW ID4. My understanding is the car is not available for sale currently (in the US) but will be in Q3 or Q4 2021. Earl's friends must have an ICE Q4. For my money, the ID4 PRO-S did the trick... for a 3yr lease. Works so far. Do I envy the Tesla infrastructure (supercharger network)? Sure. But I also agree with Buffett that "first mover doesn't always continue to dominate"... otherwise GM would never have usurped Ford. Tesla could lose the Taurus-like jelly bean that seems reminiscent of the Model T "any color so long as you like black".
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  8. Earl

    Earl Active Member

    Actually, it was the basic e-tron, not the Q4 version. I don't, personally have much interest in "luxury" cars or Audi (worst car we ever owned was an Audi Fox) so I don't pay enough attention to the specific models except to their range and charging infrastructure.

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