Audi announces EPA range as 204 miles, ships in May

Discussion in 'e-tron' started by Domenick, Apr 4, 2019.

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  1. Reservation holders now know when the Audi etron will start arriving in their driveways: May of this year. They also now know that the EPA-rated range will be stated as 204 miles.

    That's significantly shorter than the 277.55-mile range rating it got from CARB earlier in the week using the outdated UDDS test cycle. I think most reservation holders realized that was an unrealistic figure. Especially if they watched Bjorn Nyland got 205 miles in his testing.

    Audi has spun the 205-mile figure as them trying to give real-world figures, rather than over-optimistic ones. They may actually have a point. Check this out.

    During testing by German outfit nextmove, they got 170 miles (274 km) at speed. (See chart below.) That was a slightly better result than the Jaguar iPace achieved, and its EPA rating is 234 miles.

    So, hopefully, reservation holders are letting today's news get them down. Audi seems to actually be using a realistic figure. Under good conditions, owners should see better results.

    If you're a reservation holder -- there are supposedly 20,000 world-wide -- let us know what you think about this. Are you still on board or does this change your plans?

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