As fossil fuel's denial bubble bursts suits will accelerate

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Aug 11, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Fossil fuel itself and its claimed subsidy based profit-dividends should have ended in 1950.
    Now as firms like Tesla begin to burst its bubble these super entitled rent seekers will try to turn to the courts, we can see this in their urgent pushing for shill justices on the Supreme Court along with shill administrations and shill presidents and shill secretaries of state. Notice the supreme sense of entitlement with the Tesla shorts, they are part of a group that feels completely entitled to rent seek against the global population. But also notice suits from cities and counties including one in NY and then another in CA against the TES or Exxon and defense assertion that these entities corporate entities have 'constitutional rights' as in human rights- (burn the Constitution if they do because they are trying to create a second class of superior and duplicative rights the rich) Then notice a judge (more shilling?) throwing those cases out to the arena of now sponsored politicians (more petrol shills,) but then notice NJ filing suit right after that decision as others will. This isn't going to stop as the global populations remember that they should have eliminated the fossil fuel rent seeking enclosure 50 years ago. Think of the idiocy of pulling out of Paris like Kyoto before- think which group of rent seeking clowns did this- based on the utter fallacy that it would be economically harmful but harmful for whom- a group of entitled rent seeking parasites only.

    This can only end with the fully recognized unlimited liability and enforced total accountability of the fossil fuel industry. Expect reaching through corporate veils and private trusts and reaching through statutes of limitations. There is a very easy principle to follow for this, especially since 07 (but really since 1950,) fossil fuel investment is stupid and criminal and the debt and the charges are catching up, it amounts to the same as investing in the antebellum south or apartheid or slavery in general as artificial scarcity and slavery of fully controlling people with money were the intents behind its continued existence and all the preemptive and genocidal wars it entailed. There is no right to exploit and it doesn't matter if a group colluded on it or claims the consequences weren't fully foreseeable. As people start to see the savings and states start to realized the insurmountable strategic/tactical competitive advantage they gain from ditching fossil fuels the anger over the hidden hours lost to petrol rent seeking (when fully accounted for plausibly 1-2 weeks a month of work for average people) will build and "appetite will increase as if increase of appetite had grown by what it fed on."
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