Arrgone Report on Electrification

Discussion in 'General' started by bwilson4web, Jun 10, 2018.

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  1. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    This report crosses a lot of borders:

    1. 1 Annual sales of PEVs in the United States by year
    2. 2 Electric vehicle miles traveled by LDVs by year
    3. 3 Electricity consumption by PEVs by year
    4. 4 Gasoline displacement from ICE vehicles by LDV PEVs by year
    5. 5 Fraction of key national metrics which are due to PEVs in the United States by year
    6. 6 All-electric range for PEVs
    7. 7 Electric efficiency for PEVs
    8. 8 Battery capacity added each year for LDV PEVs in the United States
    9. 9 Cumulative sales of PEVs by EPA size class
    10. 10 Assembly location for PEVs sold in the United States through 2017
    11. 11 Cumulative PEV battery capacity remaining on road and scrapped by month
    12. 12 Comparison of PHEV utility factor from SAE and WLTP
    13. 13 Comparison of effective utility factor for PHEVs and BEVs and on-road data

    My favorite using Huntsville $0.10/kWh and $2.50/gal gas for 2017:
    • 1.9x10**9 kWh * $0.10 ~= $190,000,000 - electricity cost
    • 220x10**6 gal* $2.50 ~= $550,000,000 - gasoline displaced
    • ~$360,000,000 - costs avoided, after tax savings
    Bob Wilson
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    In the beginning they have the disclaimer that it was a report 'sponsored' by a government agency. Unfortunate use of that word when government agencies commission reports but to sponsor it? They tend to write the report themselves or commission or contract with a sub contractor to research the questions they have formulated.

    Sponsorship is the about about the dirtiest word in the English language at this point. Out beyond shades or patronage and pretension arrogance it comes down to loss of voice, loss of rights and becoming property. It really is about graft and bribery and buying people. It for sure is misuse of tax policy. Instead of the conflict of interest and corruption and criminality that ensues from sponsorship backed by tax policy of all things the surplus should have just been taxed away, never any credits or deductions or subsidies. Theft of attention is no the kind of glue that tax should be used for and surely never ever the intentional misrepresentation and undermining of the public interest that sponsorship always aims for. We have purchase these people because we have sponsored the. We have sponsored the Olympics this **** is worse than paying funeral criers. This is the kind of stuff that we got out of lead in the gasoline or straight up mass brain poisoning.

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