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Discussion in 'Ariya' started by Domenick, Jan 25, 2021.

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  1. The Nissan Ariya is likely to see a bunch of reviews before too long, so this thread is to collect those and discuss.

    This first one, from Jonny Smith of The Late Brake Show, doesn't feature the driving element but does go over the entire vehicle and talks about its various drivetrain configuration, etc. He also makes some comparisons with competitors like the VW ID.4, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the Tesla Model Y.

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  3. Bjorn Nyland, just put out a video of the Nissan Ariya. It's not a driving review but still worth some of your time. Most interesting for me is that the car is at a dealership in Norway and the general public are being allowed to have a good close up look and explanation of features.

    I haven't watched the whole thing yet -- maybe 5 minutes or so -- but already he's pointed out a couple things I wasn't aware of, like pop-out headlight washers, and the illuminated charge port with the interior port covers on hinges (instead of dangling on a cord). Check it out!

  4. Nice features include the double glove boxes, adjustable center console and the HUD (it looks like it might be on the windshield itself - hard to tell).
    The flat rear floor is also a bonus.
    The video also shows the buttons for the power tailgate, one on the gate itself and one on the control switches left lower beside steering wheel.
    The dimple pattern on the front kind of resemble the Kona Electric style. I also notice the type 2 charge port has pins populated only for single phase indicating 3 phase OBC not available (at least on this model).
    Look forward to more video reviews on a full production model:)
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  5. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Thanks, Domenick!
  6. This guy is pretty popular. He managed to find an Ariya at the company's Chattanooga. Tennessee facility and they let him shoot video with it, even though as you'll see, it wasn't an especially good environment for shooting this kind of footage.

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  8. IanH

    IanH New Member

    What? No one-pedal driving?!? I hope Nissan corrects this soon, as it is an important feature for me. It brings the Ariya's desirability down several notches.
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  9. GropplerZorn

    GropplerZorn New Member

    If I'm honest, I wasn't wowed by the interior.
  10. GropplerZorn

    GropplerZorn New Member

    A review from two days ago:

    From the review, to your point: "The e-pedal is a special Nissan feature that allows drivers to cruise using just one pedal — the throttle. Accelerate in e-pedal function and the car will speed up, obviously, but ease up on the throttle and the car will automatically brake, and quite aggressively. This so-called regenerative braking helps to recharge the batteries while decelerating but does take some practice to brake smoothly in unison with traffic around you. For some reason, however, Nissan has removed the stop function so the car will always creep along, even when set to its most aggressive e-pedal region brake mode. That according to Nissan is to keep drivers alert, and it makes sense."
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  11. The sound of all those ICE vehicles restarting their engines at a stop light usually accomplishes that for me. Unless I am first in line, and then by the time that occurs...they are an small image in my rear view mirror :)
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  13. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Doesn't make sense to me. I've also read it's to simulate the ICE experience for those new to EV's which also doesn't make sense. The whole non-stopping ePedal doesn't make sense and is a big minus for the Ariya.

    Exactly, with the ePedal holding the car from moving, I've got my foot on the accelerator ready to go as soon as the light turns green. Bye bye ICE's!
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  14. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    My understanding is that Ariya is released in Japan and I've been trying to find reviews from there without luck. (Where's guy who introduced us to the Leaf 2.0 while his bored teenage daughter slept in the passenger seat?)

    Over at the Ariya Forum "KVR" posted a couple of reviews in Japanese where there is information that the ePedal is almost the ePedal we want with the help of a button.

    The A Hold button lit up below :):):):):):)holds the brakes once you are stopped.

    More info here on the "Automatic Brake Hold" button:

    So this means that Nissan can see the value in having the brakes held once you stop but they want you to stop the car from creeping, which, once again. makes no sense to me.

    Just give us the ePedal we want. :)
  15. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Found him!
  16. Autogefühl has a new Nissan Ariya review with actual driving and Thomas is super impressed.
    Highlights: cabin design and quietness under way. Efficiency.
    Lowlights: front-wheel drive instead of rear-wheel drive

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  17. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Thanks, Domenick. It's interesting to see the different styles of the reviewers. Bjorn Nyland was at the same event and his review is here plus the follow-up one .

    Both are amazed at the efficiency of the Ariya.
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  18. This vehicle tops my list of potential successors to my 2019 Niro EV. Nissan is the only legacy maker with a history of building EVs.

    It's bigger, it's more efficient and it has improved driver assistance code - now if I can find one at a reasonable price!
  19. leehinde

    leehinde Active Member

  20. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    One of the less informative reviews on the Ariya, but has some interesting points. No one, has yet, reported on what it's like to fast charge it. Not sure if they aren't allowed to with the loaners or there's a lack of the natural curiosity that most real EV buyers would have.
  21. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Bjørn: Live streaming 1000 km with Xpeng P7 and Nissan Ariya 63 kWh this weekend

  22. rcarter3636

    rcarter3636 Member

    Unfortunately like many EV's, these are a fantasy for most EV shoppers as supply chain issues will persist for the next 2-4 years.
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  23. StubbyStan

    StubbyStan New Member

    Owners in Europe are starting to post their experiences. This one user in particular, NissanJ11Videos, has posted several charging videos. He has several videos starting at various SOCs. The first one shows a full DC fast charge from 5 - 99.9%. What was seemingly a disappointing feature of this vehicle, the charging speed, seems to be not much of a big deal at all as this video shows how flat the charging curve actually is (& it's repeatable!). Not only was NissanJ11 able to repeat these results consistently but so was Bjorn Nyland!


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