Ariya reservation window closes tomorrow, May 6

Discussion in 'Ariya' started by GropplerZorn, May 5, 2022.

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  1. GropplerZorn

    GropplerZorn New Member

    I'm sure most everyone here knows about this, and/or has already placed their reservation(s) of choice, but just a reminder that the reservation window for the Ariya closes tomorrow, May 6.

    I am cautiously optimistic that the closing of the reservations means that we will see movement with production and delivery information.

    The body of the email from my dealer: “The Ariya reservation window is closing May 6th. If you have not yet placed your reservation it's not too late, but you need to hurry! The reservation window officially closes May 6th. No additional orders will be offered past that date. Placing your reservation is easy.”
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  3. GropplerZorn

    GropplerZorn New Member

    A little more info: reservations are now officially closed.

    1) Any changes to existing reservations "will result in a delay to your car" according to two different Nissan reps. You won't "lose your place in line" (my term), but your car will be delayed.

    2) The terms "reservation" and "order" seem to be interchangeable with Nissan.

    3) The vibe i get based on 1, 2, and my phone call to Nissan is that our cars are being built now, or are at least in a pre-production stage.

    4) "Late Fall" is now the ETA for all Ariyas, not just the e-4ORCE as before, although Nissan couldn't say if that means all trim levels are now coming at the same time, or if the AWD will be even later than that. Late fall was clarified as "October to November."

    5) No other info was available about timelines, or cars being available to see and drive (for customers or dealers). A redditor recently posted that they work for Nissan and will be driving the car next month, and my dealer says reps from his store will be driving it in July, but they were limited to three people who could participate.
  4. StubbyStan

    StubbyStan New Member

    My suspicion was that the e-4ORCE (I hate that this name is being normalized! :) ) would never make that "late Fall" window and they won't be available until Christmas 22, at the earliest. I haven't heard back from my dealer about my vehicle so I decided to call them.

    Here's a synopsis of what I was told:

    1) People have been coming into the dealership to place their orders. This is the way it HAS to be done.
    2) Some people have even taken delivery of their Ariyas.

    That's where I stopped this dealer rep. I told them that there aren't any even in the US yet for anyone to take delivery on them but that also since I have a reservation and that you're claiming that you have a database of reservation holders for your dealership, I should be on that list.

    I'll be getting a call from the "New Car Sales manager very soon".

    I'll really be looking forward to when domestic journalists can get their hands on this vehicle so I know whether or not I should be waiting to deal w/this nonsense or just go buy one of the Korean EVs!

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