Are your car doors sometimes locked and not others?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Esprit1st, Jun 11, 2020.

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  1. Once in a while when I get out of the car the passenger doors are locked and other times not. After watching a video about it from the "EV Puzzle" and his confusion about it, I figured out how this feature of the Kona works:
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  3. But does it perform the same action when auto lock is enabled by speed?;)
    Now I am going to have to try.
  4. So you want to open the door when you're at speed!? o_O
  5. I have my Auto lock settings -enable on speed, so yes they are unlocked until vehicle reaches 15 kph.
    The setting in your video is actually the auto un-lock setting which I have set to vehicle off (opens all doors when power goes off).
    There is also a setting which might be your case -on shift to P (couldn't make it out in the video) .
    Note: there is also a "disable" setting in the Auto unlock menu which would save on the actuators, however the "disable" setting is not on the car's menu as it is in the manual in the Auto-lock menu on page 3-84 (2019 manual)- so without this feature it makes little sense tying to save actuator wear as the doors will always Auto lock whether by speed or shift.
    Just another setting that I would prefer be there but maybe pertaining to your reply it is not.
    On both my Leafs I did have the did have the disable option for both- lock and unlock and it doesn't bother me if the door is un-locked when driving, if children in the car then that would be a different story.
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  6. Yes, that is the "feature" that I mean. Setting the "auto-unlock" to "shift in P" you can still leave the doors locked from driving if you don't shift into "P".
    The main reason for confusion seems to be that people get out of the car trying to grab groceries from the back seat. But they can't because the doors are locked and they don't realize why. The "Auto-Unlock" menu has three settings: disable, Vehicle off, On shift to P.
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  8. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same issue. It's frustrating.. Sometimes, the car also locks when I plug it into the charger and sometimes, it doesn't.. I have no idea what the process is to consistently get the same result..
  9. As described in the video. Make sure you check the auto-unlock menu setting and of you have it set to "shift to P", remember that it behaves differently if you turn the ignition off with our without shifting to P.

    As for charging, it will lock itself after 15 seconds. A lot of people don't know that. 15 Seconds is enough of you go directly to unplug, but if you walk around the car it might lock before you get there.
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  10. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    Thanks!! That's it.. I usually just switch off the car as it engages "PARK" automatically.. That explains why the car did not unlock..
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