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Discussion in 'Aptera' started by Domenick, Dec 10, 2020.

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  1. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    The Aptera is a unique and remarkable vehicle. That's obvious to anyone who even glances at it, but the public specifications also tell a remarkable story. Here are the main ones.
    Dimensional specs
    Overall Length: 172 inches
    Overall Width: 88.0 inches
    Overall Height: 57 inches
    Cargo space: 25 cubic feet
    Battery options and range
    100 kWh = 1000 miles
    60 kWh = 600 miles
    40 kWh = 400 miles
    25 kWh = 250 miles
    AC 110v (standard) = 13 miles/hour
    DC Fast-charge = 500 miles/hour
    Two-wheel drive 0-to-60 = 5.5 seconds
    All-wheel drive 0-to-60 = 3.5 seconds
    Top speed = 100+ miles per hour
    $25,900 - $46,000, depending on battery size and options
    Battery cell format

    You can find the official specs here. If they change, I can update this post (feel free to get in touch if you notice a change).
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  3. SouthernDude

    SouthernDude Active Member

    When are they supposed to do crash safety tests?
  4. Kerbe

    Kerbe Active Member

    I believe the "gamma" prototypes - the "production intent" models - will be crash-tested. At present they're still building "alpha" models. They have used sophisticated computer modeling during the design phase to build-in crashworthyness, so I'm expecting real-world results to be similar.

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