Aptera looks beautiful in this interview with Munro

Discussion in 'Aptera' started by Domenick, Jan 7, 2021.

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  1. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Sandy Munro of Munro and Associates just published an interview with Aptera founders Chris and Steve (below).
    In it, they show off the prototype and talk about a huge number of aspects of the car - its exterior and interior design, its performance abilities, charging and the solar component, the cooling system, and more! Oh yeah, they're just got a new building and are about to move.

    They published a time-stamped guide as well, which I'll post below the video in case you want to skip to a specific part.

    0:00-1:23: Intro & Color Design Commentary
    1:23-2:32: Solar Charging Capabilities
    2:32-3:35: Charging on 110V
    3:35-5:51: Solar Charging in Non Sunny Climates & At Work
    6:32-9:20: New Building Purchase & Manufacturing Discussion
    9:20-12:32 Performance Capabilities
    12:32-18:00 Vehicle Walkaround & Sandy's Commentary
    18:00-20:34 Aerodynamics
    20:34-23:36: Unique Skin Cooling Strategy
    23:36-25:00: Crowdfunding Campaign Discussion
    25:00-27:37: Closing Comments
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  3. I ordered mine and can't wait to drive it! A real game changer if it catches on, although they will have to expand their portfolio of vehicles to succeed in the long run.
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