APPs... "Coming Soon" useful information?

Discussion in 'General' started by Clonbur, Sep 7, 2022.

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Are "Coming Soon" locations helpful?

Poll closed Sep 21, 2022.
  1. Give me confidence that stations are being built.

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  2. Make no difference to the EV community.

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  3. Are not useful information.

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  4. Could be a ploy to discourage other vendors from pursuing options in those locations.

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  1. Clonbur

    Clonbur New Member

    This is a post specifically addressing "Coming Soon" locations on plugshare in Upper Michigan. It may or may not be of interest in other regions.

    Red E Charge seems to have blanketed some EV APPs with "Coming Soon" locations in the UP, but, they don't seem to inform the locations they are claiming they'll build at. I'd called four of those locations, A Krist store in Manistique, a Marathon store in Naubinway, a trucking service center in Rudyard and a truck stop in Rapid River and asked about the installation status. Only one location knew of an effort to install chargers. The Krist office in Iron River contacted me and told me they were pursuing charger builds but bureaucratic delays gave them no confidence that a charger would be built soon.

    I then contacted Red E Charge about Rapid River, Manistique, Naubinway and Rudyard "Coming Soon" locations on the plugshare APP where the "Coming Soon" information hadn't been updated for over a year and the start-up date was well past. After them telling me they had nothing to do with posting locations on APPs those locations disappeared on the APP the same afternoon. There are still many "Coming Soon" sites that all read the exact same thing as the deleted sites... "New site coming Spring ‘22 per Red E Charge map & conversation...". Houghton, Marquette, L'Anse, Ontonagan all have the same message still.

    What purpose can these misleading locations serve other than discouraging competition by other vendors? I believe Red E Charge is trying to do just that until they actually get their s@%t together.
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    The Tesla supercharger map shows construction but not the schedule. I’ve seen construction go more than a year. In PlugShare and forums, the Tesla community is good about asking and reporting progress.

    Bob Wilson
  4. I need an app like the McDonald's ice cream machine tracker: real-time, where's the nearest functional charger?
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