Applying Provincial Rebates

Discussion in 'General' started by Aaron_Menchions, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. Aaron_Menchions

    Aaron_Menchions New Member

    I live in Ontario and can get up to 13 grand in an event rebate.

    I believe the tax you pay is on the full price though. So when using the websites to figure out car costs, should I ignore the rebate, get my total cost after tax, THEN apply the rebate and then figure out my monthly payments ?

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  3. Marcel_g

    Marcel_g Member

    Some of the websites roll the rebate in for you, like Nissan. When I leased my 2017 Leaf, they included everything so I never needed to worry about it.

    Otherwise, what I did when I was comparing vehicles on the car builders was to put the rebate in as a down payment minus the hst. So $14K goes in as $12,389.
  4. Aaron_Menchions

    Aaron_Menchions New Member

    Good tip, I'll try that too.

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  5. Aaron_Menchions

    Aaron_Menchions New Member

    Nissan changes the rebate amount based on if you're showing the taxes in the quite or not. So I wonder if they have special calculation in their site for the rebate, or if I could use another site that allows me to show pricing with taxes, and apply the full rebate as part of the down payment?

    Or if as you say, I stick with the "less hst*" amount no matter what.

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  6. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Never trust the sites. Do the math yourself.
    Some dealers will give you the rebate, others have you apply to the government.
    At $13 a pop I understand why a dealer would not want to wait for a check from the government.
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