Apparent BS SEC charge against Musk need direct action public response

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Sep 28, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    These losers are mad because Rick Wagoner was fired at petrol offender GM and they want retaliation.

    They are mad because the petrol offender head of VW was doing petrol offenses and went to prison and is still in prison as head of VW and VW isn't selling its fail-convincingly-electric e-tron at its dealers and only doing compliance numbers.

    They are going after Tesla now because this Auto pilot picks up where version 1 left off and autonomous threatens petrol like nothing else. Even wonder if Musk has been receiving threats in various forms not to release it. Remember last time all the questionable BS about a SEAL Team 6 SEAL being involved in what lead to the ditching of Mobile Eye by Tesla because of a supposed tragedy(?)- note who bought Mobile Eye (Intel) and then canned it. Remember Seals were involved in the pedo guy saga as well- come on how of do SEALs come more than once?

    This group is mad because of what Tesla is doing to BMW, another petrol perp in trouble in a new Diesel gate which could have the same types of ramifications. Remember when BMW had fires causing it to face injunctions globally at the same time there was a smear campaign against Tesla to try to hide this apparently- think BMW was behind this? I do. If another German Auto CEO, say the CEO of BMW goes to jail then following this template with BMW think they might want to get Musk charged for something. German judges recently were pushing for laws that would allow the prosecution of politicians in German that do not up hold climate laws.

    This group is also afraid of the burst of PR Tesla is about to get from outselling everything and becoming suddenly profitable and proving the proof of concept for the company itself.
    I see Tesla Model 3's on the roads every where, I see carrier trucks all over the place. Its as if this deluge of Tesla is descending.

    They also think they have cover from the Kavenaugh and Trump Rosenstein fiascos but they don't.

    But let us remember what happened here. These are the same types of people that profited from shorting 911. These are people who profit from vandalism saying they should have someone's head because in the course of crime business of profiting from corporate vandalism they lost some money. Its like a store thief after breaking and entering making off with the personal property of the store owner suing the store owner because the owner managed to hook the thief up with a ticket. You can't use the law to further a crime. This really starts to look like the full blatant corruption of US institutions. Yukos type treatment is for petrol criminals not for people trying to save the world.

    Let us not also forget about Black Rock and Sue Wagner apparently trying to get in as it was one of the companies trying to oust must from inside- this is also corporate sabotage, no way in hell these companies want what is good for the public or Tesla, Black Rock could be a Proxy for Exxon or the Kochs- could have been driving shorts, just like so much of the rest of Wall St. it would get imploded if its derivatives bubble pops over Tesla's success- and Tesla success would presumably pop these bubbles possibly in chain reaction despite the stupidity of an Orange dictator. Also ISS what a bunch of BS these people are. Lets get real clear, saboteur vandals are not legitimate investors.

    But think about how stupid this suit is. Musk warned them of his intentions- sorry there is nothing wrong to be rid of the damage caused by a bunch of criminals or shut down their ill gotten gains. He even gave the a lot of warning- so no way to say it was malicious. Was clearly trying to take it private as he had before with Spacex. Was clearly trying to put an end to these firms damaging the company by paying to spread lies and then trying to profit from spreading the lies through the damage done. These criminal types were profiting from harming the actual share holders. There was sabotage going on smearing going on all over the place. So he tries to stop criminals in committing a crime and he is supposed to be investigate and punished. It is not like he gained from this or that personal gain was intended. And it was only the smearing afterward that dropped the price- made a legitimate effort. All that had to be said was: thinking of taking it private if funding is secured. But note that this twitter phrasing is very close to: thinking of taking it private, funding secured, because its optional either way and could have been a typo- who cares about the formality of the venue or timing, he was under stress the shorts helped create and protecting criminal sorts is not the purview or the Tesla or the law really- they lost massive amounts already they were solid regular losers who aren't going to get anything on a technicality as in this apparent BS suit. Typo or not and even in the original phrasing it could have meant "if funding secured," and very likely Musk had talks that were private- custom in the mid East allows billions to be passed on a hand shake among three people.

    Tesla isn't about making money for fools. Honestly fk these shorts, pretty sure that is what every Tesla investor wants and what just law should want. The stabilizing aspects of shorting is questionable at best, it should be illegal, it allows people to profit from crime and vandalism, shorting allows people to profit from terrorism and false flag stuff like 911. Really these people are profiting from fear mongering and spreading lies. Is that good for our culture or even our economy.

    23 million Musk followers should get together to push the SEC to drop this apparent BS case based on absolute injustice and trying to get the law to support crime and push to have the SEC investigated. If it gets as far as a jury hopefully the jurors tell the prosecutor when they starts with "if you believe this happened you have to find this: F-off we know injustice when we see it and we ill not be a part of it"- even at risk of contempt.

    Just think of the seething sneering arrogance and contempt of these people. They think its a petrol dictatorship and they are entitled to oppress and anything less is injustice- they are always trying to say anything out of line with this vision is not reality. I think extinction is preferable to petrol slavery. What they fail to understand is this is about killing petrol rent seeking and they've already been convicted OJ or Kavenaugh style. Would it be possible to martyr Musk? Hoping the public pushes for investigations and counter suits or share-holder counters suits against these apparently quite fraudulent shorts.

    I think the SEC badly miscalculated- Musk doesn't run like Chanos, their (petrol's) whole issue with him is he won't compromise on dumbing down or slowing down so they can preserve their ill-gotten destructive gains and continue to draw pork. They can't co-opt him as Trump apparently tried with his economic counsel. And as other's have said this reeks of the T. Admin. But probably also massive whining by BMW behind the scenes. Think the Model 3 Performance with track mode beating every production car BMW has made at Laguna Seca. It also has better technology, more reliable and better efficiency and its greener and cooler. Tesla has basically destroyed BMW's position in the markets.
    I think Tesla is 10 years ahead of BMW.

    Look at what that whiner Lutz was writing recently, they are in a panic. There was an expose on Lutz and his whining comes down to how many times and how badly Musk has beaten him. Also an expose of the German auto markers by an German Engineer Alex Voight, they are way, way behind. Now they want to do what they did to themselves to Musk.

    Also noticed that right after this came out the comments section of the corresponding artlce on this site had about 20 paid shills in the comments section trying to spin this. Tesla community needs to come together just like they did with selling the cars at the end of the quarter and smack this bull sht down. Also we can't let the justice system get away with obvious blatant corruption. People need to call their politicians and say this: work to fix this and reverse it immediately and completely with investigations into its origin or I will never vote for you again and I may actively ask everyone I know to do the same.

    If ever we needed Pravdah it is now, all these BS petrol sponsored articles- we need to black ball shill journalists- if you've been found to be a paid liar you need to be filtered for the spam that you are- nothing worse than sell outs- co-optation to become one of the disgusting elect is so unacceptable. Nothing lower than getting paid to lie.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    A few criminal losing some money while committing crimes when they should have lost it all and faced prosecution is not
    grounds to stop the one person who is doing more about global climate crisis than anyone else. Seriously,
    this person deserves more credit than Al Gore, Bill McKibben and James Hansen combined. Not going to let these losers in these lying
    short firms get this result as a proxy for petrol just because fossil fuel as the ultimate loser (and an enslaver of humanity) wants it.

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