Apology had almost nothing to do with overnight 20% Tesla stock rise

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Aug 3, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Think back to the GOP attack ad firm that was hired to go after Tesla. Who was it hired by? The Kochs? Remember the oil industry exec who got caught trying to impersonate Musk to extract information from Tesla CFO Jason Wheeler? That's espionage. Now again note how they try to paint a saboteur and spy that tried to sanitize the spying behind shill media BI, note how that guy is supposed to be a whistle blower. Now look at the fool known as the 'Montana Skeptic,' and how this guy supposedly a self styled hick turned out to just be a oil industry front spending petrol money (industry is always underwater so what they spend is subsides or tax monies) to try to smear Tesla but big petrol was passing this off as a person risking his own money for a supposed public good.

    Now as for these so called 'analysts' they are basically paid by firms that will go bankrupt inevitably when their petrol derivatives collapse (worse than last time and inevitable but permanent this time) and don't want Tesla success accelerating total collapse and their own bankruptcy so their analysts shills are paid to lie to the public about the public interest on Tesla to try to starve Tesla of capital. Again its just oil industry front stuff. Musk is supposed to apologize to the oil industry for its spreading lies and his rejecting those lies? I don't think so. Comments Musk made about these people not being credible are completely accurate, and not being credible with the public. One way you can tell these people are total shills just mouthing what their petrol masters tell them is how they will loss lead with something positive and then just flip seemingly arbitrarily with the stupidest most transparent blather imaginable. This is not about getting clicks this is about these people getting paid to lie and it is a collusion/conspiracy the same way the institution of the Donald himself is a collusion apparently. The Exxon head was secretary of state... can't make this idiocy up.

    And if you look at the so called billionaire shorts if you look back at their records you'll will most certainly see silver spoon type ties to petrarchy. Chanos was supposedly all great for seeing through Enron, but who do we think told him the story behind Enron- probably same master he has today in Exxon or some petrol equivalent that was threatened by the shale scam. Enron and natural gas have always been BS but Tesla isn't but its the same pay master behind these mouth piece shills.

    So while forgiveness and apology are great it was about Tesla sales dominance and not petrol's attempts to try to make Tesla into nothing but some sort of epiphenomena of Musk's personality such that all they have to do is discredit Musk and petrol becomes financially viable again- it doesn't, it isn't and fossil fuels never will be again (not that they ever really were, being that they were always the greatest government tit suckers in history due to low aggregate efficiency economics.)

    Tesla stock spiked because Tesla is the DOMINANT LUXURY MAKER IN THE USA NOW ACROSS ALL LUXURY SEGMENTS Tesla has built on dominating the top end of the luxury spectrum globally now for 6 years with now capturing all the other segments in the US with dominance. Expect BMW and the Germans to start lying about their losses and sales, but they are on their back again. And if VW's newest pronouncements are accurate (need link) saw them trying to slip in they would only sell 3 million EVs by 2025 globally- they may go bankrupt- if I were the German gov people I wouldn't bail them out or allow the VW name to be brought back.
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