Anyone else reserve a Fisker Pear?

Discussion in 'Fisker' started by Free-the-electrons, Feb 18, 2022.

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Pear, Say its $20k after rebate, 200 mi range, DC fast charge, available today, do you buy one?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Free-the-electrons

    Free-the-electrons New Member

    Or was it just me? I’m guessing there may have been some others doing the same math as me. $30k car. Possible rebates in 2 years of….what $5-15k….depending on what Feds + <insert your state here> decide to offer. IF Fisker/Foxxconn are still alive and playing nice and IF the Pear isn’t vaporware and IF they hold it to $30k…..a lot of “IF’s” to be sure….then a $15-25k car in 2024 looks pretty promising.
    (I’m actually betting that Foxconn swallows Fisker & Lordstown and maybe not hold the $30k promise) Any thoughts.
    Also curious if we can learn anything about how many reservations/where we are in the queue based on time reserved & reservation #
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  3. It's an attractive price point, especially if it could achieve 200+ miles of range.
    Here's a link to our piece on this for more background.
  4. Lviv1959

    Lviv1959 New Member

    I really like Ocean Ultra and I'll gladly put my $250. But, here it is 6 months or so before production is suppose to start and we have yet to see any reputable car analyst / influencer confirm any of the specs. Heck I'd settle for some videos of extended drive. Lets not forget how Nickola just rolled the Semi down the hill before we discovered what a fraud they are . My gut feeling tells me that the $50K price for 350 mile range is way to cheep. I love the styling way, did I mention way, better than Model Y. Another reason I would buy this Ocean is at least there some HVAC dedicated buttons. I just don't understand the "iPhone Generation" that constantly swipes. Or better yet start having a conversation with the car. Hey car turn on wipers - Insanity! Regardless, I am Elon's fan and I did put a deposit for tri-motor Cyber Truck back in 2019. Its been 2 1/2 years and we don't have any idea when this truck is coming and if Elon will honor the $69K price.
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  5. rcnesneg

    rcnesneg New Member

    I'd be happy for a pear if it was efficient and had 400+ mile range but unfortunately I don't think that will happen. About the only thing affordable would be a 400 or 600 mile range aptera for under $40k...
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  6. 2ndEV_ClarityPHEV

    2ndEV_ClarityPHEV New Member

    I have a paid reservation for Ocean. hoping to be one of the 5000 invited to select the Ocean One.
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