Anyone else in lockdown?

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  1. Ironically I'll be able to use my Kona more when we start lockdown on Wednesday (for 1 month) because my uncooperative neighbor's business will be closed and I can get past the right of way to get out of my parking place. Up to now I could only get out 2 days every week.
    I think I can only drive around the region as it states "travel severely limited". Of course nothing will be open other than "supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics and lifeline utilities". But I think I can take my bicycle places and explore the bike tracks.

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    There goes my 1st service on Friday. But it was only to be an inspection and a WOF, no filter and no battery issues...

    I somehow doubt a relaxation after a month :-(
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    Yesterday, our state ordered non-essential businesses closed until *May* 15. Now our definition of "non-essential" is a bit more lax than yours - liquor stores are still allowed to be open, and restaurants can have take-out.
  4. I'm going into my second full week of working from home. All non-essential businesses / offices in my state are closed. Kids also schooling from home now. It's tough explaining to teenagers why they can't go out and hang with their friends.

    I got my 1st service complete before the shutdown, but now I'm in limbo as parts were ordered for the electric water pump recall.
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    Here, the majority of restaurants are open for carry out. Home Improvement stores are open limited hours. Life goes on, just at a slower pace.
    In the US, a total lock down or shelter in place order is unconstitutional as our first amendment right to assemble can't be eliminated by any acts of your state or congress. They can issue guidelines and "ask" people to stay home but locking everyone at home is like a house arrest and you can't lock up someone for not committing a crime. Government has no right to take someone's liberty unless you are suspected or convicted of a crime. Just because you could have or could get a disease does not suspend the Due process clause found in the 4th, 5th and 14th amendment.
    Neither congress nor state government can infringe upon those rights. If my state would order a lock down or shelter in place order, I would ignore it.
  6. Both my spouse and myself work in healthcare and life is busier than ever for us, 80+ hour work weeks for the past 2. My family practice is mostly virtual at the moment but my public health and emergency/hospital duties require a fair amount of travel. The Kona is racking up the mileage :)
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    Here in Kingston Ontario Canada we are under a provincial state of emergency declaration so all places of public gathering; libraries, concert halls, restaurants (take out allowed) etc. are all closed. As a piano technician serving a university and several live entertainment venues my work has come to a complete standstill. It's not all bad. For the past few years I've been describing myself as "retired but still working". Now I'm not working. I have no debt and enough saved and invested
    to get by. Alas, I don't think things will recover enough in my lifetime for one of my bucket list dreams. I was hoping to buy a Tesla model Y in the future but
    that's going up in smoke.

    Understanding the mathematics of how pandemics seed and spread I'm staying in as much as possible for both my own safety and that of others as we don't know
    how many asymptomatic spreaders are out there. In my late sixties I'm a prime target for the virus and I am sheltering a dependent sibling whose health is frail.
    I wouldn't want to be the person who passed the infection on to someone who dies from it.

    The last thing I would want to start on this site is some kind of ideological slinging match but Blue Kona I feel that the rugged individualism that you and many others express will be the undoing of your community. The infection curves for many areas of the U.S. have gone into the sharp uplift that characterizes exponential curves. I expect NY state alone to overtake Italy fairly soon in total infections and deaths. I am grateful that the border between Canada and U.S. has been closed
    to all non essential travel.

    May the great Kahuna who dwells on one of Jupiter's moons protect and keep us.
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  8. We got back from the US just last week on a long road trip. Upon return we are now in self isolation. From the beginning of our trip, a few weeks ago, we were practicing social distancing and lots of hand washing/sanitizing. We seem to have survived that OK. Now the concern is right here at home, where the virus seems to be spreading rapidly. Everyone out there be careful, and be safe.
  9. We're all gonna die .. :-(
  10. I don't know about you but I have no plans on dying any time soon. LOL The state is on lock down but it really doesn't affect me. I live in the country ten miles from a small town. I usually only go into town to shop for grocery's once a month and the occasional hardware store for projects at home, and to go to church. So far not much has changed for me, except that church is now online instead with Zoom of in a building. Life is good.
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    One (of many) thing that sucks about this is that rapid-charging buildout is
    also likely to halt in its tracks ... unless people doing that are exempted as
    "energy/infrastructure workers" or the like.

    It is nice not having to use public gas pumps, though..

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    This virus is exaggerated by the media. When this is all said and done, I bet that the mortality rate will be less than 1% of those infected.
    The reason why it appears to be high is because only those with symptoms are being tested. Many people who have the virus don't even know. Senator Rand Paul for example has it and has no symptoms at all.. If everyone was tested, we would know the real mortality rate.. and it's not very high..
  13. BlueKonaEV

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    if you are under 70, your chance of survival is extremely high. Under age 50, it's less lethal than the flu..
  14. Ugh.
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  15. Yes, I've been tracking the spread in NZ using Excel because there have been no useful stats provided by authorities. Despite our relative isolation our doubling time for cases is just over two days, in the top 12 globally.
    Despite that alarming trend and the priceless benefit of solid data from many other countries, our government's chief advisor, an expert in NON-communicable diseases (!) seems to have lead our prime minister astray for the 2 weeks until now, thinking it could be contained.
    Two days ago medical professionals realized the shortfall in action and put forth a petition of 25k signatures to go into immediate lockdown and that seems to have tipped the scales so suddenly lockdown starts tomorrow. Basically only food markets and gas stations are open.

    Despite only 102 cases (zero deaths) till now the trend is clear. It's also clear that a change in mitigation strategy will take 10 days to affect the trend, meaning we will progress to around 2,000 cases by 3 April before any improvement might be seen. I'm more worried about my mom than myself, who is 88.
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    I’m in California. Staying home except to go to grocery store (once every few days) or go for a run while staying away from others (every day). It’s relatively easy for me as:
    • I’m semi retired.
    • I live alone.
    • I’m already teaching an all-online computer science class.
    • I don’t have a life.
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  17. That's just simply false. Unless you're an infant, CoViD-19 is definitely more lethal than the flu. Exactly how much more is hard to know at this point because it's a rapidly evolving situation, but 0.4% fatality rate (age 40-49 in your chart) is huge!
    But you don't have to dive into the numbers to know that this is no flu. Why are we running out of hospital beds in NYC? Why is the healthcare system in Italy completely over-run, with doctors forced to make horrible decisions about who get's treatment and who dies, and bodies exceeding the capacity of morgues and crematoriums?

    Shrugging this off and ignoring stay-at-home orders is a selfish act.
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  18. You might appreciate this...

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    Thanks; I did get a chuckle out of that.
  20. In NZ we start lockdown in just a few hours. I'm disappointed to learn that I'm supposed to restrict driving to essential activities, which for me is none since everything I need is a 3 minute walk away. We, within our "bubbles" as the PM described it, are able to go outside for exercise with others in our domestic units so that means for me it will be solo. I'll wash and wax the car during the four weeks and catch up on some electronics and home projects, even though I probably can't buy any additional materials. It was a bit depressing to realise I've actually been doing the same thing anyway for the past four years, just voluntarily!
    By the time we peak we will reach about 5,000 cases and perhaps 50 deaths. Starting this quarantine only 2 days sooner could have saved 2,500 cases and 25 lives.
    205 LOG NZ stats vs doubling time.png
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