Anyone else getting 99%

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Tim66, Feb 26, 2019.

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  1. Tim66

    Tim66 Active Member

    Since I purchased the Clarity Touring 12/05/18 the charge always stops at 99%. I switched from a 16 amp 240 V charging station to a 40 amp 240 V one two weeks ago and I'm still getting 99% of a full charge. Probably not a big deal to a lot of people but it bothers me. I recently disconnected the 12 V battery to correct a HV range issue but it didn't affect the 99% charge. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. BTW all of the computer updates have been done.
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  3. Mart

    Mart New Member

    I get the same thing. My dealer told me it's an issue. The last update was suppose to fix that I guess not.
  4. tterag

    tterag Member

    Same here, only saw 100% once.
  5. Tim66

    Tim66 Active Member

    I wonder if, because of the cold weather, a battery heater is running or something else and that might be causing the 99%
  6. izudin

    izudin Member

    I get 100% most of the time, but have seen 99% more than few times.
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  8. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    It’s the common observation and consensus that in all calculations displayed, the software truncates the last or tenths digit. This is quite different from just rounding down.
    This means that a 99.1 or a 99.99999% SOC will be displayed as 99%. The same with odometer readings, so you often see 1 mile less on your Honda Link display than on the DII.
    So it’s nothing to be worried about if your charged SOC says 99 instead of 100%. It most likely very close to 100% but it truncates it down to 99%. And add to that the fact that changing battery temperature can have an effect on battery capacity.

    We have no proof of this other than the collected observations on the forum and a little common sense reverse engineering.
  9. PHEV Newbie

    PHEV Newbie Well-Known Member

    Generally, I get 100% when I do choose to do a full charge. Twice recently, during the polar vortex and my garage was particularly cold (it's partially heated) I got 99%. The last time I charged fully last week, it was 100%. It was warmer then so I wonder if the battery temp has something to do with it. The BMS is supposed to do cell balancing at the end to maintain the health of the system. My concern would be if 99% meant it failed to do the cell balancing.
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  10. Only once has mine shown less than 100% and that was 99 on 240 charge. Maybe I'm lucky? Screenshot_20190226-084309_HondaLink.jpeg

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  11. Coincidentally, I saw 99% this morning - it’s kinda rare but it happens.

    I took a couple screen shots meaning to start a thread, but this seems like a good place to note that the HondaLink app is nonlinear in its range estimates. What I mean is you can’t project final EV range from snapshots as it charges. For instance, this from last night while charging:


    Doing mental math I figured it was projecting only 35 miles EV range at that rate. But this morning, after a cold night, it did show much more:


    Pretty sure others have noticed this, but just thought I’d mention it.
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  13. Tim66

    Tim66 Active Member

    Sorry to sound like Johnny Carson's audience but, how cold was it? :)
  14. izudin

    izudin Member

    You are right that the HondaLink app estimate is not linear. If it was, your full charge should be 42 miles, not 35miles.
    You need to exclude 10% of full charge in your calculations. Therefore, with your example, with 30% of full charge you could go 14 miles, and when fully charged (using only 90%, which is now 3x more) you could go 3 times longer, 42 miles.
  15. It was sooooo cold that 20% of the electrons didn't come out of hibernation...

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  16. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    You guys are a real hoot. I never fail to be informed AND entertained on this forum.
    FWIW, Honda Link does not report in real time. For example, it gives SOC in 15% increments, so there is lag. It’s reasonable to assume Honda does this to limit the transmissions in order to incur smaller costs for less bandwidth.
  17. Rav

    Rav Member

    i either get 99% or 100%, it's definitely the garbage app
  18. izudin

    izudin Member

    It is not a star application, but certainly far from being a garbage. I respect your opinion but am curious what exactly is that you don't like (at least the price is right).
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  19. Rav

    Rav Member

    Sure the app is free (i would never pay for this garbage) but it just doesn't work how it's supposed to, at least not for me.

    1. i never get an alert on time when it's done charging. refreshing doesn't help.
    2. the As of date/time in the charge/range section is always 1-6 hours behind
    3. the parking reminder section is always 1-12 hours behind.
    4. the odometer section is always wrong in miles and time

    the only solution Honda has given is for me to give them the username and password to my hondalink so they can "fix" it.
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  20. izudin

    izudin Member

    Fair enough, I see your reasons (clearly) now :)
    Items 1 and 2 work for me all the time, items 3 and 4 have problems, but not all the time.
  21. MPower

    MPower Well-Known Member

    I am charging on 120v and HondaLink frequently notifies me that charging has finished at 99% and even 98% instead of 100% I don't know if it is the cold. It has always been cold since I got the car.
  22. Groves Cooke

    Groves Cooke Active Member

  23. Groves Cooke

    Groves Cooke Active Member

    99% - 100% does it really matter? If I could have gotten a 99 on all my college and grad school exams I would have been ecstatic.
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