Any rumors about 2020 Clarity? Chance of a refresh?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by BeMurda, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. HagerHedgie

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    Then why keep knobs for the some functions of AC while forcing you to go thru two menus on the screen to change the vent setting? This car is phenomenal but a few features seem very poorly executed. I do miss the volume knob, but it’s not a deal breaker.
    IMO the infotainment system is terrible. It freezes up and car play is completely useless. I think these are Honda issues not just specific to the clarity.
  2. insightman

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    I'm very skeptical. Honda might tell dealers if the Clarity is being discontinued, but I doubt the company would release info about any changes this long before a 2020 Clarity would start shipping. Please stay on the case with your dealer. Try to find out the reliability of his/her sources and keep us up to date on any excuses the dealer comes up with if no information about the 2020 Clarity is forthcoming next week. Thanks.
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  3. BeMurda

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    Friday. I'll let you know what I hear.

    It could make sense to switch early given infotainment etc are all shared with the Civic, which has been updated. Maybe they want to switch over to the new mass produced parts so they are switching model years a bit early. Or maybe they are starting next year's orders early because of the rumoured battery shortage.
  4. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    There's a problem right off the bat.
  5. BeMurda

    BeMurda Active Member

    I'm not sure why you are being so adversarial. I was flat out told by the new car sales manager of a Canadian Honda dealership today that 2020 model year ordering opens on Friday June 14. That doesn't necessarily mean that the 2020's are coming right away. We recently added a federal rebate of $5k and as a result the cars are practically sold out country wide. Canada might be out of its 2019 allotment and Honda might be looking to take orders for cars coming 6 months from now. It's hard to say but I'll likely know Friday. Now stop analyzing my diction and talk to me Saturday.
  6. maguzma

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    I performed a Google search on 2020 Clarity (data search criteria was set for the last month) and nothing worth while came up in terms of 2020 face lift.
  7. BeMurda

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    There is no info yet. It could well be a carryover. I just expect to know a bit more about whether it is or not at the end of the week.
  8. CarPlay works quite well for us. Should me a lot better with the updates coming in the fall. The rest of the infotainment system is a tad clunky, but quite usable. For us.
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  9. insightman

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    Sorry, I'm usually much nicer. I'm just so skeptical of Honda ever being anything other than tight-lipped about their delivery plans. The company strung out many customers in Ontario who were trying hard to get a Clarity before the province's incentives ran out. Honda wouldn't fess up that there were no cars coming for them until much later, after the incentives had expired.

    Even if Honda doesn't reveal anything about the 2020 Clarity when your dealership can start placing orders, if Honda is actually accepting such orders, perhaps that's the best indication we have that there will actually be a 2020 Clarity. However, how long will it be before will people know exactly what they're ordering?
  10. craze1cars

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    Heck based on recent dive in sales figures for Clarity reported here, I’ll be surprised if 2020 Clarity is offered at all. Not even a single 2019 has been offered for sale in my state of Indiana yet. And I don’t think a single one ever will be. As far as my state is concerned, I’m pretty sure the Clarity is already in the history books and gone forever...
  11. BeMurda

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    A little birdie on the other side of the country told me today that an internal service bulletin just went out to Canadian Honda dealers detailing some minor changes to the Clarity for 2020.

    I should find out the full details tomorrow but I won't be sharing the details before they are publicized out of respect. I'd recommend calling your local dealer and getting the info out in the open on the forum. I only heard about one change so far and you can imagine it's the most obvious thing.

    I also heard a rumour Clarity production is stopping until January 2020, but only from an unreliable online source. So we will see. That's too bad as the Canadian EV rebate could be gone by then. I will order one regardless but will be disappointed if I have to fork out the extra cash.
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  12. thecompdude

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  13. insightman

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    So Honda's finally going to replace the incandescent bulbs next to the vanity mirrors with LEDs?
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  14. If they get rid of the vestigial fender skirts I’ll be crushed!
  15. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    I thought the number one complaint is not having a volume knob :p
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  16. KentuckyKen

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    As long as we’re guessing:
    Battery heater enabled for US models.
  17. insightman

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    Perhaps the DCFC port already standard on the Japanese-market Clarity PHEV will come to North America. Then Honda will start selling the Power Exporter 9000 in the US.

    The big question is: Why would Honda make improvements to a car they're not seriously trying to sell?
  18. MajorAward

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    Spare tire? But what size, and where will it be mounted?
  19. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    This hour my guess is the addition of a cross-traffic alert. Next hour: Heated steering wheel.
  20. Robert_Alabama

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    It is bizarre that Honda doesn't even try to sell this car. It would then probably be unnecessary to price cut as much as they have to sell 2018 inventory. Its just odd that only a few know how great this car is. Most still haven't even heard of it. As to any upgrades, I'd bet on losing the fender skirts and replacing the tablet with one with a volume knob (Accord like). True Blind Spot detection and cross-traffic is a good bet as well. And, I can't imagine why they wouldn't offer a heated steering wheel as an option. Really could do with updating the data available to the driver (available info and displays more like the Volt) and possibly an EV only mode.
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