Any other people on a list to buy a Rav4 Prime at a local dealer

Discussion in 'Rav4 Prime' started by Blue Adept, Jan 29, 2020.

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  1. BeHart

    BeHart New Member

    Full MSRP. No mark-up. :)
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  3. I believe he did mention full MSRP a couple of posts up;)
    Sorry- beat me to it.
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  4. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    D'oh. See it now.
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  6. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    I had a deposit for one since the spring with a dealer in Gatineau, Quebec

    they called me today that they have an XSE, which I am not willing to get.

    they put me back on the waiting list for SE.

    I have also another order with another local dealer.
    Apparently the big chunk of the primes are being shipped to QC. The dealer even asked me if I was from Ontario as they are not allowed to sell outside QC.

    the final price of the SE after taxes and fees minus 13k rebate is 41k CAD, which is about 31500 US
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  8. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    That seems like a pretty great deal after the rebate. Almost as cheap as the gas ones and a lot cheaper to run.
  9. CA e-tron owner

    CA e-tron owner New Member

    It is supposed to come with an 18.1kWh pack, which will easily allow for the full $7500 tax credit from the Federal Government.
  10. David Hrivnak

    David Hrivnak New Member

    We purchased one last week and had to go two states away because they will not sell them in TN. We paid MSRP and it was a quick painless transaction to trade in our 2015 Volt for the Prime. The Prime is rated to tow as it towed our camper back home at 30 mpg. A good 10 mpg better than the Vote.
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  11. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats on the car and not paying over MSRP. Great to hear about your towing mileage result.
    If you tow a lot, feel free to share more info about your experiences. People always seem to have towing questions.
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  13. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    Ok, just got some more info for
    those in Canada. It came from a director of sales at one of the stealers hops where I have an order, so not sure how accurate it is.

    he said that “Quebec paid Toyota to reserve all the production for Canada for Quebec dealers”. While I doubt they “paid Toyota”, I think they have some agreements in place (which aligns with the statement from the other dealership that they can’t place an order unless I reside in Quebec).

    I know QC has some contracts for fuel cell with Toyota (they are piloting them in Quebec City).

    So it appears that folks outside QC will have to wait until next fall to get one.

    He also said that I was now number 7 in line (I had paid a deposit back in March just prior to Covid closings). The guy told they are rank 1 dealer which get the biggest deliveries. I will update my timeline if/when I get a call.

    One thing I don’t believe is when he said that most of the orders are for XSE, so they are delivering more XSEs. I don’t believe many people are willing to shed extra $8000 (when you add the sales tax) just to get 1” extra on the wheels and a sunroof.

    I bet $$$$ that they had to reduce the price
    of SE in order to qualify for the rebate, so they don’t want to sell many of them as they don’t make as much profit!

    if the SE US price is 38k, this would be 38*1.3=51k CAD (vs 45k msrp). Whereas the XSE base model would be 41*1.3=55k, which is way closer to the ~52CAD price.
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  14. Paparick1945

    Paparick1945 New Member

    I ordered a RAV4 PRIME XSE from Janzen Toyota in Stillwater, OK, last Friday. The salesman told me it would probably be January or maybe even February when I get it. No dealer mark up on the price. $500 refundable deposit.
  15. Edna Electric

    Edna Electric New Member

    Received an email from New Country Toyota of Saratoga Springs, New York, to finalize my order and remit the $500 deposit for a Rav 4 Prime XSE. Before committing though, I went to a local (Ohio) dealer to test drive the Hybrid as I had not been in a Rav 4 for approximately 3 years. Long story short, removed my order request. Can only get the interior in black and the engine noise seemed to hard/strained. I do drive electric locally 100% of the time (Soul EV+), so I am probably more sensitive to engine noise. I am sad that it was not the Perfect Car that I was hoping it would be....bring on the next EV or PHEV !!!!
  16. ForceEdge

    ForceEdge Member

    We got ours a couple weeks ago in Long Island NY. In the exact color I wanted. Which I can’t believe. My wife wanted an all white one. She loves the black and white contrast.

    We traded in our fully paid off 2019 XSE Hybrid (No packages) towards the 2021 Prime SE with the weather package and after taxes and and rebates, only paid about 3K. Couldn’t pass that up. She will mostly never use gas (except to run gas engine and keep it healthy once and awhile)

    Attached Files:

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  17. Excellent deal and congratulations on receiving that very attractive looking Rav4Prime. Look forward to some follow up reports as well:)
  18. chuckh007

    chuckh007 New Member

    Hi.....the dealer in San Bernadino in CA just E-mailed me that a Red /black XSE Prime is on it's way to him as we speak. Total cost was $49K+ so am looking at an BEV like the new VW ID.4
  19. D Lab

    D Lab New Member

    Just received my XSE in November after 10 months on list. Most of sales at my dealer are SE, due to lower cost. I opted for premium pkg, wanted head up display, 240 volt charging option, etc. $7500 fed and $1000 state tax perks defray 49k price. $41,5000 was close to what dealers wanted to charge me , way over sticker, for 2020 LTD hybrid. In my case, a Much better deal to pay only msrp for 302 hp, a model year newer, and ability to drive solo in carpool lane. It has a couple of cons I've read about, but I'm loving the pros so far and glad I finally have it. I will definitely road trip it, would love to visit Quebec. My grandpa was born there. Any orders now would be for next batch, but they might still do msrp. Longo Toyota, El Monte California.
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  20. chuckh007

    chuckh007 New Member

    Here is the invoice he sent me from the above message I sent. The pricing is complete.
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  21. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing. If you do some road tripping, it'd be great to see how it does. Feel free to start a thread to tell us, or even if you just want to show off a few pics. :)
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  22. Richard_arch74

    Richard_arch74 Active Member

    Just noticed this thread. I have been on a wait list for about 8 months. When I finally got to the dealership (in central Mi.), they had two people ahead of me.

    They required me to order a specific model, color, and appointments (red/black top, XSE) and deposit a refundable $500 with them.

    I called the manager a couple of weeks ago to see if they got any R4P's in this year. He said they received none, zip, nada.

    I am vacationing in SCA this winter and will see if I can find one there. BTW, dealer was going to charge me MSRP.

    I currently own a 2018 Phev Clarity, which I love to drive. I will be replacing my Explorer, I hope, with the R4P. Screenshot_20201204-134218_Chrome.jpeg

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  23. onix

    onix New Member

    My exact issue. The inside trim are black seats with these red lines. Seems only fitting if you get the Metallic Red exterior paint. Other color options, maybe even cleaner w/o those red lines would be ideal.

    I also test drove an XSE in battery-only mode, and it seemed louder to me than a Tesla or a Clarity. The road was suburban and smooth. The dealership was in the East Bay (San Francisco region) and the sticker price was marked up by $10K to $61K. They were willing to negotiate, but not down to MSRP.

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