Any info about 2020 model?

Discussion in 'Outlander PHEV' started by bigbug, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. bigbug

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    There is very little reliable info on 2020 model in North America. Only thing I found is Mitsubishi press release of the new gen model to be on sale in Japan this year with 65km electric range - which I believe is also a mistake. The same model revealed in European autoshow last year only has a 12km bump to around 45km. Any comments?
  2. Steven B

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    Main comment would be that there are different testing protocols across the world for determining estimated all-electric ranges, so Japan's testing protocol might suggest 65km, while the same vehicle setup would result in a EU testing protocol of 45km and a US EPA testing protocol of 40km.
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  4. Steven B

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    Well, looks like they only upgraded to the stronger 2.4L engine in non-US models. Another blunder. 9.7s to 60mph. The RAV4 Prime has been advertised to beat this by 4 seconds.
  5. bigbug

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    Yeah kind of disappointed they didn't bring in the 2.4L and larger battery upgrade to N.A. Now that the RAV4 Prime is knocking the door, Outlander PHEV is not in my love list anymore.
  6. I just read that Mitsubishi is updating the current Outlander PHEV with the 2.4L and bigger battery in the next few months. I think they'll have to drop the price too, to make it competitive.

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