Anti Theft System - Power Loss

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by vicw, May 24, 2018.

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  1. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    As we left the garage tonight, the driver screen showed a twirling series of dots, and the main display just showed a large Honda icon. That was followed by a message on the main display that said:

    Anti Theft System
    This system has lost power.
    Push and hold the power button for more than two seconds to enable the system.

    We tried numerous times to press and hold the Power button for more than two seconds while turning the car on and off, to no avail. We finally gave up and just drove off to our dinner, hoping for the best. We were relieved that the error had no apparent effect on the driving and operation of the car, but just had no audio or main display, except for the failure message occasionally, the backup camera, and the lane watch camera display.

    When we stopped for dinner, we were a bit surprised to see that the car locking and alarm system worked normally. Later, when we got back in the car, the same sequence of messages resumed. After arriving home, I checked the manual, and didn't find any reference to an "Anti Theft System" message, but I did find, on page 206 of the Owner's Manual, a written description of an "Audio System Theft Protection", which helped to clear things up. ( I couldn't find any mention of that in the Owner's Guide>)

    It said to select and hold the audio system power icon for more than two seconds. The Audio system power icon is at the upper left hand corner of the main display. I did that, and the problem was resolved, at least for now. It seems that there may be a physical switch under that Audio Power Icon, at least I thought I felt it click.

    What brought on the problem is still a mystery, but at least I now understand that the message is referring to the Audio System, NOT to the anti theft system for the car itself, as I had assumed. I'm passing this on in the hope that it might give some advance awareness into interpretation of that message, if you ever encounter it, and also to see if others may have already experienced the problem, and any possible insight into the root cause of the problem.
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  3. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    I'm feeling more like we are a group of Beta testers rather than car owners.

    Glad things worked out okay.

  4. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    Thanks. I have a feeling it must be like this with any new design. I don't mind the early idiosyncrasies, as long as they are minor, or just aesthetic, and don't cause me to crash the car, or get helplessly lost in the woods. I almost enjoy knowing that my car could drive for 999 miles before refueling.

    While this was going on, we saw our first Clarity being driven locally. I was tempted to stop and see if the driver was local, but I was too busy worrying about that fault message. Clarities are really easy to spot, with those distinctive rear skirts. Somehow reminiscent of my grandfathers old Hudson Hornet.
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  5. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    I just noticed that I lost the Daily Charge Schedule & Notification data from this incident. I had to update the HondaLink app to restore them.
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  6. SThomas219

    SThomas219 Active Member

    I had this happen to me this morning. Like the OP, I tried the car's power button which just turned the car on. Then I tried each icon on the Infotainment screen and found the Audio button was the ON button to press for 2 seconds.

    The 2018 Clarity Infotainment system is not a new one to Honda as it was used by other models previous to 2019. In fact, some new 2019 Honda models are getting back some physical controls like for volume. No word on if the 2019 Clarity will get those changes.

    Thanks for the note about the charging schedule being wiped when this happens. I re-entered it.
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  8. petteyg359

    petteyg359 Well-Known Member

    I almost hope there's some really bad bug in it that will force a recall and make them update or even physically replace the whole unit. It needs secure Android updates, and it'd be nice to have an auxiliary audio input.
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  9. Amy

    Amy New Member

    Thank you! Had this problem tonight and you solved it.
  10. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    Same issue here about a month ago.
    Would have been nice if the message stated push the audio power button.
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  11. Green thumb

    Green thumb New Member

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  13. Irina K

    Irina K New Member

    thank you, it helped me also to resolve the issue
  14. Faizan Mumtaz

    Faizan Mumtaz New Member

    This helped me resolve the same issue with my 2019 Honda Accord. CarPlay just stopped working 3 months in. I did factory reset from the infotainment system and the alarm screen came up. I didn’t know how to escape the screen even though I tried everything. Holding the power button for a few seconds as this thread worked! Thanks.
  15. StanS

    StanS New Member

    This thread was started in 2018 and it saved me a lot of frustration today in 2020. Like many others during this Covid-19 pandemic my Clarity hasn't seen much use resulting in the 12v battery running down. I disconnected it from the car to charge it and when I hooked it back up on got the anti-theft warning on the infotainment system to hold in the power button for two seconds. I tried over and over to do that using the car's power button with no results. Finally, after finding this thread I realized that the power button was the one on the infotainment panel which is not much of a button, just an icon. Voila, after holding it in for two seconds the system powered on. THANK YOU

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