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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by NanoAteeq, Sep 18, 2020.

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  1. Has anyone been able to get Android Auto to work wirelessly with eNiro?

    My phone is compatible and has the correct options, but I think the car can't?

    There is a guide by Google here, and this seems to suggest the "Kia Niro 2017-" is compatible but I think this must be for wired android auto.

    I talked to Kia UK, and someone there said that none of their cars are compatible yet.. which would be sad :(
    They said that they are working on it and it might come as a software update(?)..
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  3. Paul-ATL

    Paul-ATL New Member

    Don’t know about Android Auto but I can tell you that it works with wired Apple CarPlay but not wireless. I did find a USB adapter for sale that converts wired to wireless, so maybe someone makes the same thing for Android?
  4. DrHops

    DrHops New Member

    Mine only works if the phone is plugged into the car.
  5. Wireless for either is not supported yet. It has to be on both sides.

  6. RetepEVCar

    RetepEVCar New Member

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  8. You can send your money to a crowfunded "company", and hope it ships some day.

    You cannot "buy" it in the sense you give money and get something back now.

    There are products out there, but many issues.

  9. RetepEVCar

    RetepEVCar New Member

    I completely agree with you that it is not available to buy this item directly right now. This was just an example item as well as in the article it has a link on how to create your own one from an old phone. If you are looking for one I would suggest you do research on what would work for your exact phone and car as there are variances on what items will work with your configuration.
  10. Thanks. I see you are new. There are several threads on this on the 4 major Kia forums.

    So far it is cumbersome at best, and it snags the only usb port you can use for music files.

    So with the reliability, slow startup, loss of the music port, and extra hardware and cables, most people have not been too enthusiastic.

  11. p.s. there are other systems that are available for sale.
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