Amazon Prime global person/goods transport flat rate subscription?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 29, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Transports you and all your goods anywhere any time? I see Amazon as a logistics company. Its true they have a retail component. But notice how they grew into a dominant data services company, it was adjunct to their retail logistics. Seems like they will be general logistics and that will apply to their drone initiatives and their space flight. They will move people, its just makes sense in terms of maximizing their routes. Could be their vehicles that move people are moving freight at the same time. Tech will soon be available that will be able to figure the truly optimum route between a set of points, they might be able to lad that up.

    There will be competition and regulation public variants but I'd like to see open collaborative membership based vice owner based variants.

    Want to avoid privatization scams (see UK,) or premium scams and attention capture scams. Point should be to continually improve these services but do it as close to cost as possible and not enrich private for profit parasites. I could see municipalities including this as part of a guaranteed high indexed annual income where up to a certain point it was covered without extra fees.

    What is really interesting in that fortune article I think you see the highest quality traditional ICE player tipping its hand despite its recent stupid comments on availability dates for solid state batteries batteries at consumer level. You see it paring with the most aggressive logistics player (Amazon) and its e-pallet really may be the future of transport
    and everything Inside EVs is toward- not that E-Pallet seems to make use of wheel ring motors and if you look really closely at the design I think you will see it was related to some genius mechanical iconoclast designer that had this system running prior to the first Prius- it will take some research to find it but I remember reading about it- they had it in Japan and that person really was looking 20 years ahead and wouldn't be surprised if Toyota hadn't been refining it all this time. I get as Tony Seba says by 2030 there will still be a
    lot of private vehicles but they won't see many miles, but having them as an option will
    help check excesses.

    We really want to avoid the scams of say the telecom industry. That industry essentially needs to be largely eliminated (especially given the history of its scams including trying to play minutes games and prioritizing its typically useless profit) with simple direct phone to phone mesh or maybe later Q communications.

    Really hoping the future will help us eliminate typical stupid Western for-profit all-the-market-will-bear cash-in idiocy that create wealth and privilege for idiot parasites- think this has been one of the points of success for Toyota that pays its managers about what they contribute and small multiples- whole concept of management needs to be eliminated- even the name is stupid applying the principles of animal husbandry to human beings is crime.

    Please no conservative idiot comments- typical conservative hasn't figured out that there is no such thing as big business only big government, that thankfully damn capitalism (formal vice the current phony wage slavery died 50 years ago) and it was just another top down fully centralized economic option far worse than the good end of socialism and no better at its worst than the worst of communism. Don't even bother with me... conservatives are the dumbest people on the planet they run off fear and project their own lack of maturity and intelligence onto others and loud angry entitled rich ones just need to be locked up, let them meditate on money is tax and tax is money and it can't be any other way and if they are having feelings of entitlement and projecting it onto others its because they've confused their own thieving for actual contribution, and no we don't have to worry about taxing you because nothing you think is yours is yours because you haven't earned it.
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