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Discussion in 'Air' started by SaratogaLefty, Jul 20, 2021.

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  1. SaratogaLefty

    SaratogaLefty New Member

    So earlier this week I was able to sit in one of the latest pre-production Lucid Air Grand Touring models (not the prototypes). This was just released and is essentially exactly what will be delivered in the future. My Rep let me adjust the seat fully to my driving position and then using the digital built in adjustments we fine tuned the shoulder bolstering, lumbar, thigh support, etc. to a very precise fitment. I have never sat in a more comfortable seat in any car including Bentley, Rolls Royce, and other top end sedans. I recently sold my 2018 Panamera E-Hybrid to a friend because both my wife and I couldn't get comfortable in the seats on a long drive, especially in the lower back. I had the upgraded 14 way all leather seats but as is common in Porsche sports cars (or sports sedans) the seats were just too stiff. In contrast the Lucid Grand Touring seats are more supple while still even more supportive. Next we turned on the massage function (multiple choices) and I tried the rolling massage and the wave setting, both of which felt great. Then once my seat was fully adjusted I moved to the back seat and was blown away by the comfort and leg room. I am 5'9" with a 30" inseam and I could stretch out my legs fully and not reach the back of the front seat. The rear leather seat is also very supple leather and extremely comfortable.
    We also went through the multiple settings on the car including trying to connect my phone and listen to music but we weren't successful at making the full connection. I really wanted to experience the Dolby Atmos sound system but that will have to wait a while I guess.
    So the bottom line is I can't wait to get my car!! I have a reservation for the Grand Touring and I am wait listed for the Dream Edition. Either way I will be thrilled to get the car hopefully in the near future. Next step is test drives!!
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  3. I am on the reservation list for a Air GT as well. There is no studio where we live, nearest is in Oak Brook. I am waiting for a production version to be placed there before I visit.
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  4. SaratogaLefty

    SaratogaLefty New Member

    According to my Rep, most of the showrooms now have the "pre-production" GT models on display. I really liked the look of the black model at Valley Fair and was also considering the red version, but my Rep is encouraging me to stay with the Grey color as he pointed out the black and red both show every fingerprint. When those two colors are clean they look great but just opening the "Frunk" left my finger prints on the hood. The grey is more of a metallic finish and apparently is less likely to show the finger prints. I wish they would get on with it and start the demo rides as I was told that has to happen before they will begin deliveries. I really thought we'd see some real road reviews by now.
  5. My guess is they are suffering from semiconductor shortage as well. Minds better than mine, know how it would look to start deliveries and then have to stop due to no chips. I am right now designed on site for Zenith Red and Santa Cruz interior. I have planned a huge road trip by taking delivery in California and driving back to Indy in June. I will likely vlog the trip.

    Will likely pick up another waterless wash and keep in the frunk.
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  6. SaratogaLefty

    SaratogaLefty New Member

    Sounds like a great trip! If the real delay is due to chip shortages, then why not just tell us that is the case? Certainly they have enough chips to deliver the 577 Dream Edition cars this year that Rawlinson has promised repeatedly. If he winds up missing that then everything he has been saying will be questioned. There was a somewhat negative article published yesterday by Simply Wall Street News that was discouraging as I own the LCID stock.
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  8. Interesting article. I plan on ignoring articles. I didn't buy TSLA when it was initially available, but I would guess there were just as many negative articles floating around. Plus I sense a bit of if LCID does well, TSLA will not tone, overall in things on the web. I have 1,000 shares and plan on keeping it until I turn 65.

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