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Discussion in 'ID.4' started by NeilBlanchard, Apr 8, 2021.

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  1. ironchefboyardee

    ironchefboyardee New Member

    I’m not doubting the measurements of the mfg’s own ball mounts. I’m wondering where the OP’s 7” max length is coming from. I don’t see it in the ID.4 manual, and while I can find ball mounts that get me in the right height range for the Uhaul trailers, none of them are < 7” in length.

    Your link is for hitch receivers. My ID.4 came with a 1.25” hitch receiver. If I do replace it it will be with the small bolt on 2” Curt receiver. My question is about the length spec quotes by OP for the ball mount (“draw bar”), not the hitch receiver.
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  3. ironchefboyardee

    ironchefboyardee New Member

    Answering my own question in case someone else is confused.

    I found the 7" maximum in another section of the manual. US version manual page 272, "Distance between the socket pin and the ball mount must not exceed 7 inches from the middle of the ball mount to the middle of the eye of the pin."
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  4. revcp

    revcp New Member

    Hope folks are still monitoring this thread. We have a 2021 Pro S that came with receiver hitch and 7 pin connector. We are in the process of purchasing a small, 1300 pound, teardrop trailer. The trailer has electric brakes, but I'm told it needs a "controller." I assume there is not a controller built into the ID 4, is that correct (I read that some vehicles have controllers preinstalled)? Not a huge deal, as it would cost $400 to install in the trailer, but it's certainly money I'd rather not spend.
  5. Herb Chin

    Herb Chin New Member

    I have a 2023 ID.4 Pro S AWD with the factory tow package. When I installed a bike rack with lights (four 7443 bulbs installed), I needed to use a 7-Pin Round RV to 4-pin flat converter... since the rack came with 4-pin flat. All of the light functions, brake, turn signal, emergency flashers... work perfectly on the bike rack. The only problem is that the LAMP OUT indicator on the ID.4 dashboard is on. Interesting added fact... when I turn on the ID.4 with the column mounted ON/OFF switch the LAMP OUT indicator does not come on until I depress the brake pedal. When I normally drive the ID.4 of course, the first thing you do is depress the brake pedal to turn the car on so generally the LAMP OUT indicator is on from the start but as I was trying debug i tried the column ON/OFF switch and discovered the brake pedal connection. I have toyed around with the idea of switching bulbs but the current bulbs look great. I have cleaned all electrical connections with contact cleaner... no help. I have not tried LED bulbs since usually LED bulbs are a problem due to there reduced electrical load. Any ideas?
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