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Discussion in 'Outlander PHEV' started by LARS DAHL, May 30, 2018.

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    LARS DAHL New Member

    and nobody gas anything to say. Lack of owners perhaps but the sales number must be over a 1000 by now.
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  3. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    I was all in for this vehicle 2-3 years ago, but gave up waiting and got a Clarity instead. Mitsu blew their opportunity to be a major player by delaying things. Unless they bring the battery size up 40% and put in a 2.0L Turbo, I expect their PHEV to be passed like it is standing still (which is seems to be) within a year or two.

    I even signed up for their email notices before the release (3/24/2016) and yet when the release happened, I got no notice! I didn't receive a single email from them about this vehicle until March 15, three months after release.

    Stage a pre-release press event on an island where there are no cars and speedlimits are 25mph. Are you kidding me?

    LARS DAHL New Member

    sorry to hear that but from what i read the clarity doesnt do much better. i will stick with the mitsu unless someone would give me a Tesla

    LARS DAHL New Member

    to add to that I am getting more than 100MPGe and dont want a sedan, prefer the SUV pr CUV or whatever it is. Plastic inside, couldnt care less
  6. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    I think that pretty well sums it up. Most of those Americans who do buy an Outlander PHEV are probably not excited enough about their purchase to seek out and post to an internet forum about it. Most people who really wanted a larger plug-in EV gave up waiting for the Mitsu Outlander PHEV, and bought something else. The bloom is off the rose for this aging model of PHEV and its "meh" EV range.

    Also, let's keep in mind that those who regularly post to an internet forum about a product or service represent only a tiny fraction of all owners or users of that product or service, and that InsideEVs forum is only one of several EV enthusiast forums. Fortunately, though, it's already one of the more active ones, and growing!

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  8. Chris Messer

    Chris Messer Member

    I don't know if it counts, I am in Canada and own one of these. It's a great vehicle. My commute is a little over 40km and if I drive nicely I can make it all the way on EV alone. We are now at 2300km and haven't filled up yet. (need to soon)
  9. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    I'd certainly like to see a report/review from an owner, if you have the time to write one.

    Was it available in Canada before being offered in the U.S.? I've read that one of the reasons Mitsu didn't offer the Outlander PHEV in the U.S. for some years -- not until quite recently -- is because different emissions regulations here meant they had to create a different version of the car. So is there a different Outlander PHEV being sold in Canada than the one now sold here in the U.S.?


    LARS DAHL New Member

    i agree but have put some gas in mine,2209 miles later, still happy at 100+ mpge
  11. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    The dearth of in-depth reviews by reliable sources between November 2017 and March 2018 was surprising and I am sure contributed to their roll-out flub. The fact that they ran a larger battery in their Baja version but failed to bring that to the production version after (at least) two years also surprised me. I rented a plain ICE model two years ago and with the rear seats folded down, the center armrest console could not be fully opened. Did that get fixed?
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    well I can say we traded a 2017 Volt for an Outlander SEL, because it is the only one that tow...1500lbs is better than nothing...a couple of jet skies.
    Dealers in Florida have many PHEV's one dealer in Daytona has 27 on his lot, the 5 closets dealers to us, had at least 7 units to chose from at each lot.
    Mitsu has not even advertised this at all here in the USA, yet.
    We got 5k off list, plus the 2k rebate, plus the $5800 IRS tax savings. we listed at $36,750.00 walked at $29,750.00 minus the $5800.00 we basically paid $23950.00 for it, a STEAL.

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