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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by R P, Jul 8, 2021.

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    I would not be surprised to see this happen before the end of this year. And then they will control the world’s largest chip manufacturer.

    And Biden and the Dems will just twiddle their thumbs…

    Iran is also moving forward again with nuclear bombs.

    And will wait to see what Putin does next… He’s got the EU pipeline in the bag (for future leverage), but he will want more, I’m sure…

    This cyber/ransomware attack crap scares me, too. We are all so dependent on technology for everything, and it would cripple us if they killed our communications networks, incl our monetary transaction systems. Markets would crash, for sure, but we wouldn’t even know the extent of what is actually happening.

    And this morning markets are not looking good. 10 yr yield drops, bitcoin, growth stocks, value, everything… Supposedly driven by new covid fears, which I don’t totally buy, with all the vaccinations happening here. Might be bad in some other countries, but that should drive even more money to here. Eventually though, all this free money and low interest rates will end.

    All this could have quite a dampening effect on EV buying, too.
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  3. SouthernDude

    SouthernDude Active Member

    This is in part why people should actually pay attention to how they use technology. I personally do not store anything in cloud servers and all of my important information is stored in external hard drives. I think crypto currencies could help solve the transaction problem because it is a distributed ledger - pretty hard to mess those up.
  4. SouthernDude

    SouthernDude Active Member

    Meh. Don't care. This wouldn't really be much of a thing if the Germans didn't idiotically shut down their nuclear power plants.

    Good. Maybe then we won't go to war with them. I could not care less about Iran. I'm pretty sure they would be far less pissy at the US if the US stopped starting pointless wars in the middle east and letting the CIA fund literally every terrorist group that has ever existed over there.
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  7. SouthernDude

    SouthernDude Active Member

    meh. most of the Russia concern is massively overblown. They won't bomb Europe. Like I said, this issue could have easily been avoided if Germany didn't shut down their nuclear. They could have spent more time and effort electrifying their industrial heating and commercial/residential heating.
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