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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Ran, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. Ran

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    Hi All:
    When I did my research before buying the clarity PHEV it stated all electric range to 47-48. miles. I bought the clarity plugin nee and had this car for a little more than month. Every time I charge fully and Honda Link app and dash broad Range indicates 43 miles. This where the charging stops.
    I wonder whether you guys sees the same reading. I was thinking this may be some defect with the battery.
    Please let me know.
  2. petteyg359

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    Range is less in cold weather. Your battery is fine.
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  3. stacey burke

    stacey burke Active Member

    Mine is at 41 - highest it has been this winter. I get around 60 in the summer. The average of both summer and winter driving is almost always (unless you live in a very cold area year round) in the 50s.
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  4. It also depends on driving habits and careful use of regen. Highway driving drags it down. I drive in SPORT but "Geriatric Mode", trying to eke out the best mileage possible. Recently I've been lucky to see 40 miles EV range, even thought the winter here in E TN has been relatively mild; last summer saw as much as 55 miles.
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  5. If all I drove was HWY miles, Id get 36. I usually stay in town and one time I drove 58 miles (all in town) before the ICE kicked on. So, for me due to where I live, my EV range mostly depends on if I drive on HWY or if I stay in town. I don't ever use the heater.
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  6. As others have mentioned, it varies considerably, based on how you drive, road conditions, and temperature. I too have found that the most range is available at lower speeds,. (40mph and under, going 70 plus on the highway eats through battery fast!)
    My commute is essentially the same every day, 25 miles total each way, a 50/25/25 mix of 50% high speed highway and 25% city stop and go, and 25% country back roads. In the summer I was getting high 50s in range,. easily making it to and from work on a charge. Right now in winter I am getting 33-35 mile range.
  7. DucRider

    DucRider Active Member

    The EPA range number is probably one of the most misunderstood pieces of info presented for EV's (MPGe is probably tops).
    YMMV is a clear understatement, and a driver driving the same route every day will likely see drastic swings in the range they can achieve at different times of the year.
    The EPA number is derived from a standardized series of tests performed in a controlled environment. Most manufacturers use the "2 cycle" test (hwy and city). Some use the "5 cycle" test which adds High Speed, A/C and Cold temp cycles.
    The tests look like this:



    More details:

    Each of the cycles is repeated until the battery is depleted, and the results reduced by 30% to better reflect real world driving. The amount of energy used to recharge is also recorded and used to determine MPGe (which includes charging losses).

    The Clarity PHEV results were:
    City - 72.265 miles and 14.601 kWh to recharge
    Hwy - 61.422 miles and 14.485 kWh to recharge

    If your driving is very close to the test conditions, it is easy to come close to the actual results and get better than the EPA number. Most owners can do this in mild weather.

    If you are averaging 70 mph in 38 degree weather (and using heat/defrost), your results will be dramatically different (and much less than the EPA stated range)

    You can see the Application to the EPA with all the results here:
  8. Mowcowbell

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    It's called a GOM (Guess-o-meter). Your EV range will vary, just like the range you get on a tank of gas will vary.
  9. KClark

    KClark Active Member

    I'm in Southern CA, I never use the heater in winter but do use the heated seats, I regularly use the AC for about 8-9 months a year. My round trip commute is 44 miles and I have ~8 miles remaining in cool weather and ~12 miles remaining in warm weather when I get home. The freeway is 1 mile from my house and work is about 5 miles from the freeway so most of the drive is freeway speeds. I usually set the ACC to 68 as soon as I get on the freeway. So for me highway speeds don't make too much of an impact.
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  10. Pooky

    Pooky New Member

    What's the actual temperature? Cool weather in SoCal sounds like warm weather here.
  11. I don't know, I had ideal conditions, no heater or AC, 60 degrees, cruise set at 71, and ICE started up at 36 miles. It was nighttime so headlights were on and we had 4 people in the car. You got 52 Miles EV and I got 36 which is quite a difference. I have the dealer added splash guards maybe that affects me a bit? Im ok with 36 HWY since I seldom drive on the highway.
    My GuessoMeter has forecasted 43 EV in the summer when AC is on full blast (and I actually got exactly 43 EV)
  12. Tek_Freek

    Tek_Freek Active Member

    Headwind? On our first trip when we moved from LA to NV we ran into a storm with very strong headwinds. Cut our mileage in half. That was in a Kia Sorento.
  13. KClark

    KClark Active Member

    In December-January it may be in the high 30s occasionally when I leave for work but other than that, cool weather for southern CA means 40s in the morning and usually at least 60 in the afternoon. It was 82 last Saturday. I know that much colder temps than that affect EV range much more, but I was responding to someone who is also in southern CA.
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  14. KClark

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    It could be the extra 3 people, that could be more than 600 pounds. I'm commuting alone.
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  15. Pooky

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    Thanks, I wasn't trying to discredit you or anything. I'm just curious as to how exact temperature (mid-60s is the ideal temperature up here) affects range for any X temperature since the degradation/aggrandisement of range proportional to temperature is anything but linear. I like to make a kind of like rough scatter plot in my head. Every bit of information helps.
  16. KClark

    KClark Active Member

    No problem, I didn’t think you were, I was just trying to acknowledge that our temp range here hardly enters the realm of reduced EV range. I agree, every bit of information helps us understand this car.
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  17. Dan Albrich

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    All vehicles take a range hit in winter. Since gas engines shed excess heat as a byproduct, there's little "cost" to heating a gas car.
    If you read EV forums (generally, not just Clarity) you'll find folks lose about 40% in winter (I mean places that have cold winters). Folks will argue about this percentage. In my specific case its closer to 50% and some here will lose less. i.e. my winter lows are about 25 EV miles.

    One edit: Wanted to add, love my Clarity. I am not disappointed at all with the car, or my choice to purchase.
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  18. Sandroad

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    The winter "loss" depends on the starting point for the calculation. I lose 50% of my EV range in the winter compared to my summer range, but the winter loss is only about 25% of the annual average range (in round numbers). I appreciate the fact that at least for me, the Clarity's estimated 47 miles EV as an annual average nailed it. And, I'm perfectly ok with winter range in the 30s and summer range in the 60s.
  19. Landshark

    Landshark Active Member

    What is your location?
    What is the temperature?
    At what speed are you driving?
    Are you driving on flat or hilly terrain?
    How many miles are you actually achieving when the display shows 43?

    A few points of reference, these are my observations based on my experience.
    1) A slight range loss at ~50F
    This morning was 53F, display showed 55. I drove a fairly regular trip of 23 miles on EV and had 30 miles remaining. About 8 miles were at 45 mph or less, the other 15 at 60+. I should have no trouble making the 23 mile return, even at 65.

    2) At temps over 70F I typically see displayed ranges of high 50’s to high 60’s. Driving 65-70 mph at these temps will yield 42-45 miles. In stop and go traffic it is not uncommon to be exceed 60 miles in EV.

    3) A more significant decrease in range occurs when temps hit the 40’s. Those are the lowest temps I’ve experienced and the car is garaged so the charging temperature is a bit warmer than the outside temperature. Displayed range is usually low to mid 40’s.

    4) Terrain will have a significant effect on range. I’ve burned 60 miles of EV range in 25 miles of mountainous driving.

    5) The right foot is a factor as well.
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    Yet Another Thread About Someone Unnecessarily Worrying About Their Electric Range

    Sorry for the snarkiness.
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