Aftermarket Mods of Tesla

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by Rob Lay, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    I really like some of the aftermarket stuff going on for Tesla. The native design isn't too bad, but not great. Some of these mods move it closer to great.

    Unplugged Performance I think one of the leading companies.

    Unplugged-Performance-Featured-Vehicle-Robs-2017-Model-S-3.jpg Unplugged-Performance-Featured-Vehicle-Robs-2017-Model-S-2.jpg Unplugged-Performance-Featured-Vehicle-Robs-2017-Model-S-1.jpg
  2. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    Has anyone ever heard anything or dealt with Unplugged Performance?
  3. Ski

    Ski New Member

    I can’t tell if you are advertising for these guys or what... But, the fact that it says your a Staff Member / Administrator make this whole thread (and feel of the forum) kinda odd... This reads like a sponsored post— which, if it is, is fine— but just consider disclosing that if the forum is intended to be a neutral community.

    As an admin— fee free to delete this post. ;-)
  4. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    I wish they were sponsors! we don't have any yet. :) One of my few complaints about our 90D is the average looks. I like UP has done, but I have never spoken with them and really wanted to see if anyone has dealt with them or what other companies out there.
  5. 2cool4fuel

    2cool4fuel New Member

    HRE do some nice wheels for the MS.
    Was going to get P101 for a 458.

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