Advice to GM: Go private with FULL employee ownership.

Discussion in 'Chevrolet' started by 101101, Jan 13, 2019.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Here we go again with GM whining that it can't compete against Tesla because it has to fairly compensate its employees which made it everything that it is. When it went bankrupt it whined that it was because it had to fairly compensate its employees who were making half what their German counterparts made and with much less security and benefits and where the Germans had double the profit.

    GM is run for parasites by parasites. Jettison you parasite stock holders and take yourself private with full employee ownership. Now when I say full employee ownership I mean it- that means no parasite executives in the mix and keep your union because it will take full employee ownership and a union to check worthless management. Also change the way you do things. Toyota terminated you because it listens to its employees you just exploit them and then whine about the competition.
    To me the nation would be better off without you. We need to move on and you lead in the gas glory history that needs some serious revision in the direction of the truth.

    This reminds me of part of why I like Elon Musk so much. Now Musk with some education in physics and economics made money earlier on in finance so it is not like he doesn't know how it works. But unlike say a Rothschilds banking cartel family member who is a slave to money Musk isn't. He has demonstrated this by risking all the money at his disposal time and time again and not for greed or self-interest but for what is right for other people and for everyone. How many of the billionaires in the world are money slaves? My guess is almost all of them. GM is a money slaved money abusing corporation. Classic GM: A car is an inefficient use of capital. It needs it charter yanked. Look at the CEO salary. She should be working for free based on many things including actual performance and her already considerable wealth. Parasitic GM is laying off all those people when it just gave 25 billion back to share-holders for what contribution exactly? To make them whole- how about the people who did all the work. It rewards non-contribution or something for nothing extraction and then whines that the competition doesn't do the same.
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