Adventurous Forever: A talk with RJ Scaringe, Alex Honnold and Rich Roll

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by Jacob Szafranski, Jun 4, 2019.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to start a thread for those who will be attending, or who are interested in the upcoming Rivian event next week in Colorado "Adventurous Forever: A talk with RJ Scaringe, Alex Honnold and Rich Roll".

    I'm excited to have booked my flight and received email confirmation of my tickets for the event. I will post pictures and more information regarding the event after I return home from Colorado.

    After having attended the NYC event in April I can tell you not only are these events extremely informational, but they are very fun and I enjoy most meeting the Rivian staff and hearing about their passion regarding their work (RJ included).

    So feel free to comment, or ask questions, and await my replies following the event next week.

    Take care everyone, and stay adventurous

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  3. James McGovern

    James McGovern New Member

    We will be there. We weren't pre-order customers until after seeing the Rivians in person at the NYIAS. As soon as I saw the e-mail announcing there would be an invite, we started making tentative plans. Thankfully our schedules were clear so Denver here we come. We are looking forward to meeting other future Rivian owners and talking again to Brian Gase and some of the others that will be there.
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  4. Again, really excited for this one.

    Several friends already asking for Alex Honnold autographs.
  5. So...

    Had a chance again to make the trek out to Denver for the weekend and attend the Rivian//Alex Honnold event and I was thoroughly impress. I have to say the location for these events has always been extremely enjoyable and very true to form for the Rivian brand ethos "that's which was once old will again be new". The Hangar at Stanley was from what I was told an old airfield hangar and now houses several boutique shops and food vendors. It was a beautiful location and even getting there early with a line for the event growing I took the time to look around some and absolutely loved the unique quality of the event space as a whole. I wish I could've spent more time there before hand.

    While in line it was nice to see that interest was well beyond what I experience last time in New York and I got a sense that Rivian was definitely gaining well deserved fanfare and that everyone there was enthusiastic for both what RJ and Alex had to say. Entering into the event was quite easy and food and drinks were waiting as soon as you broke the threshold and again I feel they were even better then that which was had in New York.

    Rivian decor and the photo montage images were similar to those in New York, but a large quote was greeting you as soon as you entered in and I included a picture of it following this write up. I thought it very fitting given Rivian's founding ans historical culmination.

    The R1T was first to greet you upon entering into the hanger, closest to the rear of the stage. While the R1S was outside, both with Rivian staff eager to answer any and all questions you had regarding the vehicles. I do have to admit that I was a little surprised to not see lead engineer Brian Gase sitting close to the R1T as he has been at pretty much every other Rivian event. Coming to the event I did know from various YouTube videos that Brian was quite busy at the re:MARS event that happened roughly a week prior in Las Vegas and was entertaining the likes of Jeff Bezos and all the others interested in artificial intelligence and electronic revolutions in technology. So it's good to know that Rivian gave him the weekend off so he could enjoy his father's day with his family. But if anyone does attend a Rivian event he is the guy you want to talk to regarding the engineering of these vehicles.

    Sadly you weren't able to actually get inside the vehicles, but in all honesty I didn't expect to. This again was another opportunity for people to get a close look, but not touch, allowing preorder customers to familiarize themselves with the distinct features and unique design elements of Rivian's two electric adventure vehicle offerings.

    Throughout the evening I did notice the attendance of both Steve and Erik who are well-known EV YouTubers, and had the opportunity to speak to both of them regarding the R1T and R1S. I really do believe their opinions on the vehicles were quite favorable, and am anxiously awaiting to see what further information they post on their YouTube channels regarding the event.

    As for the Rich Roll hosted discussion between RJ and Alex, feel free to watch that via the Rivian YouTube channel and you can hear first-hand all of the highlights of that interesting and genuine discussion regarding both these incredible individuals passions in life. I'm extremely excited to see what big changes come for Rivian's Normal based manufacturing plant after hearing all the things RJ discussed during the event.

    All in all I had a chance to meet plenty of Rivian staff, all of which were extremely polite and excited to interact with all the attendees throughout the evening. I'm extremely happy I had a chance to come to this event even after attending the New York one. I would have to say this one was more enjoyable on many levels, not just for the free merch they were handing out including Rivian thermoses, pins, and carabiners, but more so because of the sense of growing community that I felt when talking to other excited preorder customers who shared the passion for adventure that RJ and his team so readily exude.

    I have to say team Rivian did an excellent job yet again in hosting another wonderful event for its early supporters. I'm looking forward to attending many more of these in the future should Rivian be kind enough to continue this tradition. I would highly recommend everyone who has even a remote interest in Rivian get a chance to check one of these events out. You won't be disappointed and I can honestly say these are some of the best automotive customer appreciation events I have ever attended.

    And hats off to RJ for standing the entire night talking to all the interested pre-order holders who waited in line patiently to speak with him until nearly 10pm. The only person who might have been more patient was his wife waiting for him to finish.

    Till next time... Stay Adventurous!

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  6. The Hangar at Stanley, RJ and Alex and my bride to be and I.

    0615191718.jpg IMG_20190617_181448_561.jpg 0615191901_HDR_20190617163628874.jpg
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  8. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing, Jacob. It sounds like it was a really great event.

    Not sure which EV-YouTuber Steve is, but I'm familiar with Erik's work. I also saw that Sean Mitchell, who has an excellent YouTube channel, was there. I was hoping someone would have something up about the event by now, but nothing yet. I'll keep an eye out and add if I see one.
  9. Yeah, Sean ... Not Steve.

    But yeah I can only imagine they're putting together something substantial regarding the event and need a little time.

    Guess we'll both be on the lookout.
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  10. James McGovern

    James McGovern New Member

    Andre Smirnov from The Fast Lane Truck was there as well. He was right in front of us in line waiting for it to start. He too has not released a video and he had a whole crew with him. Sean just released a video on YouTube today of the tour he did in Detroit today...Not sure how that beat out his Denver experience....I guess we must be patient...
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  11. James McGovern

    James McGovern New Member

    No sooner do I post that he hasn't posted his video yet and voila, he has posted his video...and my wife is in it TWICE...lucky!
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