Discussion in 'General' started by TheMagster, Nov 18, 2018.

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  1. TheMagster

    TheMagster Member

    I'm seeing a few acronyms in these forums that I don't recognize:

    AV - ?
    PEV - same as PHEV?

    Sorry if this is posted elsewhere!

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  3. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    AV autonomous vehicle

    PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

    BEV battery electric vehicle

    ICE internal combustion engine
  4. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    PEV is another one that gets used occasionally for plug-in vehicle.
  5. Jack

    Jack Administrator Staff Member

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  6. TheMagster

    TheMagster Member

    Ha, that's funny. Thanks everyone.

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  8. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

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  9. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    No attempt to create an exhaustive lexicon of forum acronyms will ever be complete, as Jack rather humorously pointed out above ;) ...but here's my first-draft attempt. (I hope Gooki does not object to me repeating what he's already posted; a single list is more user-friendly than several different lists.)

    (Sadly, this list is too long to fit into a single post. AAAAARGH! :mad: o_O :()

    * * * * *

    EV Forum Acronyms: A-L

    4WD -- four wheel drive

    ABS -- 1. automatic braking system; 2. anti-lock braking system

    A/C -- air conditioner (the term "HVAC" is preferred, to avoid confusion with "AC" for Alternating Current)

    ACC -- Adaptive Cruise Control

    ADA -- Automobile Dealers Association

    AP -- Autopilot (Tesla's suite of driver assist/ semi-self-driving features)

    AV -- autonomous vehicle (a self-driving vehicle)

    AWD -- all-wheel drive

    BEV -- battery electric vehicle

    BEVx -- extended range BEV (a term made up by CARB for a BEV with a small gasoline engine added as an auxiliary range extender. So far at least, it applies only to the BMW i3 REx.)

    BMS -- battery management system

    BTU -- British Thermal Unit (traditionally a measure of heat energy, but sometimes used as a more general measure of energy)

    CaFCP -- California Fuel Cell Partnership

    CARB -- California Air Resources Board (the "clean air agency" in the government of California)

    CCS -- Combined Charging System (an EV DC (direct current) fast-charging protocol)

    Cd -- coefficient of drag (aerodynamic drag on a car is figured as ACd, or (frontal) area x Cd. Cd alone is not an adequate indication of drag force, altho it is often misused as if it is.)

    CHAdeMO -- (an EV DC (direct current) fast-charging protocol. Literally "CHArge de MOve", a Japanese play on words. "O cha demo ikaga desuka" translates as "How about a cup of tea?", referring to the time it would take to charge a car)

    CO2 -- carbon dioxide

    DC -- 1. Direct Current (electricity, as opposed to AC (alternating current)); 2. (Tesla) Destination Charger (a DCFC with lower power level than a Tesla Supercharger)

    DCFC -- direct current fast-charger (a powerful type of EV charger, providing DC (Direct Current) electricity directly to the battery pack; more powerful than is generally found in home installations)

    DCLA -- deep cycle lead acid (a battery type used in home energy storage. Generally outdated for EVs, but sometimes still used in DIY (do-it-yourself) EV conversion cars)

    DOE -- U.S. Department of Energy

    EAP -- Enhanced Autopilot (enhanced version of Tesla's Autopilot suite of driver-assist/ semi-self-driving features)

    EPA -- (U.S.) Environmental Protection Agency

    EREV -- extended range electric vehicle (a longer-ranged PHEV such as the Chevy Volt or the Honda Clarity PHEV)

    EVSE -- Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (an offboard EV charger)

    FCEV -- fuel cell electric vehicle

    FCV -- fuel cell vehicle (= FCEV)

    FSD -- full self-driving (an aspirational option which can (or formerly could) be purchased for Tesla cars, altho it won't be functional until some unknown future date)

    FUD -- Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (Wikipedia defines FUD thus: "Fear, uncertainty and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, cults, and propaganda. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a manifestation of the appeal to fear." Please note that accusing someone of posting FUD is more or less the equivalent of accusing them of trolling. Our forum moderator, Domenick, gets annoyed when I call someone a FUDster, so best to avoid that.)

    FWD -- 1. front wheel drive; 2. falcon wing doors (Tesla Model X only)

    GF (or Gf) -- (a Tesla) Gigafactory

    GF1, GF2, GF3 -- (GF1 = the first Gigafactory, in Nevada, now designated Gigafactory 1; GF2 = Tesla's solar panel factory, in Buffalo, NY; GF3 = China (Shanghai) Gigafactory)

    GHG -- greenhouse gas

    H2 -- hydrogen

    HEV -- hybrid electric vehicle (usually refers to a "mild hybrid"; a non-plug-in hybrid)

    HFCV (or HFCEV) -- hydrogen-powered fuel cell (electric) vehicle

    HPWC -- high powered wall connector (generally considered an outmoded term; use EVSE instead)

    HUD -- head up display

    HV -- high voltage

    HVAC -- heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (the climate control system in a vehicle or building)

    HW1, HW2, HW3 -- (refers to hardware versions of Tesla's Autopilot; see AP)

    ICE -- internal combustion engine

    ICEd (or ICED) -- (an invented term indicating an ICEV occupying an EV charging stall)

    ICEV -- internal combustion engine vehicle

    IIHS -- Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (for safety ratings)

    IP -- intellectual property (i.e., patents and trade secrets)

    J1772 -- (a type of EV charging plug)

    kW -- kilowatt (1000 watts. A unit of power, not to be confused with...)

    kWh -- kilowatt-hour (a unit of energy. Please note the abbreviation "W" (Watt) is always capitalized; "kw" and "kwh" are incorrect.)

    L1 -- Level 1 (EVSE, around 10-12A @ 120V AC (common wall outlet). ~4 miles/hour charge rate.)

    L2 -- Level 2 (EVSE, Around 32-50A @ 240V AC (dryer outlet). ~25 miles/hour charge rate.)

    L3 -- Level 3 (An older, now outmoded term for a DCFC)

    LA -- lead-acid (battery type)

    LHD -- left-hand drive

    LI (or li-ion) -- lithium ion (a specific type of battery chemistry)

    LR (or LRM3) -- long range (the Tesla Model 3 with the largest ("Long Range") battery pack size)

    * * * * *
    continued below...
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  10. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    EV Forum Acronyms: M-Z

    M3 -- (often used to mean Tesla Model 3, altho the M3 is an actual BMW model name. Please use "TM3" instead!)

    M3P -- Tesla Model 3 Performance

    MPG -- miles per gallon

    MPGe -- miles per gallon equivalent (a measure of EV energy efficiency)

    MR (or MRM3) -- mid-range (the Tesla Model 3 with a mid-sized battery pack)

    MS -- Tesla Model S

    MS40, MS60, MS70, MS75, MS85, MS90, MS100 -- Tesla Model S (with various battery pack sizes. A "D" in the acronym indicates Dual motors; a "P" indicates Performance trim; an "L" indicates Performance with Ludicrous upgrade. Examples: PS100DL; MSP90D)

    MW -- megawatt (1,000,000 watts. A unit of power, not to be confused with...)

    MWh -- megawatt-hour (1,000 kWh; a unit of energy)

    MX -- Tesla Model X

    MX60, MX70, MX75, MX90, MX100 -- Tesla Model X (with various battery pack sizes. A "D" in the acronym indicates Dual motors; a "P" indicates Performance trim; an "L" indicates Performance with Ludicrous upgrade. Examples: PX100DL; MXP90D)

    MY -- model year (I've also seen this used to mean Tesla Model Y, but since that will create confusion, I suggest and hope we use TMY for that instead, just as most are now using TM3 to indicate the Tesla Model 3, in preference to M3)

    NADA -- National Automobile Dealers Association

    NECD -- New European Driving Cycle (the EU equivalent of EPA ratings for range, MPG, and MPGe. NECD is in the process of being replaced by WLTP.)

    NEV -- 1. Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (a small low-speed EV limited to off-highway use); 2. New Energy Vehicle (a Chinese term for alternative energy vehicles such as EVs and natural gas powered vehicles)

    NHTSA -- (U.S.) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    NiMH -- nickel metal hydride (a specific type of battery chemistry; precursor to lithium ion)

    OEM -- Original Equipment Manufacturer (usually, altho not always, referring to parts or assemblies used by auto manufacturers in building their cars, as opposed to aftermarket or third-party replacement parts)

    OTA -- over the air (usually referring to Tesla's frequent updates to their cars' software, which are sent out wirelessly to the entire fleet)

    PEM -- power electronics module (an EV's inverter, charger, and other power electronics)

    PEV -- plug-in electric vehicle (includes both BEVs and PHEVs)

    PHEV -- plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

    PiP -- plug-in Prius (Toyota PHEV)

    PM3 (or PTM3) -- Performance Tesla Model 3

    PUP -- premium upgrade package (for the Tesla Model 3)

    REEV or RE'EV -- range extended electric vehicle (= EREV)

    REX -- range extender (a gas engine in a hybrid EV, used to extend its range. Often used to refer to the BMW i3 REx)

    RHD -- right hand drive

    RWD -- rear wheel drive

    S40, S60, S70, S75, S85, S90, S100 -- the Tesla Model S, with various battery pack sizes (more info at "MS40", above)

    SAE -- Society of Automotive Engineers

    SAE Combo -- combo AC/DC charging standard by SAE

    SC -- 1. service center; 2. Tesla SuperCharger (Tesla's exclusive network of EV fast chargers)

    SCTY -- (stock market acronym for SolarCity Corporation, now part of Tesla Inc.)

    SOC -- state of charge (% of a battery pack's full charge)

    SAS -- smart air suspension

    SP -- stock price

    SR (or SRM3) -- standard range (the Tesla Model 3 with the smallest battery pack size)

    TM -- 1. Trademark; 2. Tesla Motors (not commonly used due to obvious confusion)

    TMI -- 1. Too Much Information; 2. Tesla Motors Inc. (not commonly used due to obvious confusion)

    TM3 -- Tesla Model 3

    TM3P -- Tesla Model 3 Performance

    TMC -- Tesla Motors Club forum

    TMS -- thermal management system (EV battery cooling system)

    TMY -- Tesla Model Y

    TOU -- time of use (utility rate for electricity, where variable by time of day)

    TSLA -- (stock market acronym for Tesla Inc.)

    V2G -- vehicle to grid (discharging energy from an EV's battery pack to the electrical grid)

    V2H -- vehicle to home (powering a home's electrical system with energy from an EV battery pack)

    V2V -- vehicle to vehicle (charging one EV's battery pack from another)

    VIN -- vehicle identification number

    W -- Watt (a unit of power. Please note the abbreviation "W" is always capitalized, even when it appears as part of a longer acronym such as "kW" or "kWh". Not to be confused with...)

    Wh -- Watt-hour (a unit of energy)

    Wh/km -- Watt-hours per kilometer (unit of average energy consumption for electric vehicles outside the USA and UK)

    Wh/mi -- Watt-hours per mile (unit of average energy consumption for electric vehicles in the USA and UK)

    Wh/l -- Watt-hours per liter (a measure of volumetric (sized-based) energy density, usually referring to battery energy density, but can also refer to the energy density of fuel)

    Wh/kg -- Watt-hours per kilogram (a measure of gravimetric (weight-based) energy density, usually referring to battery energy density)

    WLTP -- worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure (see NEDC)

    X60, X70, X75, X90, X100 -- the Tesla Model X, with various battery pack sizes (more info at "MX60", above)

    ZEV -- zero-emissions vehicle
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