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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ehatch, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. No, you are not doing any input. It's like having your hand on a computer keyboard, but not pushing letters. Same thing, how would the computer know that your hand is there if you don't push letters?

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  2. mikeselectricstuff

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    It's not looking for hands gripping, it's looking for slight resistamnce to its steering movements. A slight lean on the wheel keeps it happy.
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  3. I agree it could be a legal issue, any lawyers out there w/ an opinion? I think I will discuss this with my insurance company and see what they say(ICBCs opinion on this)
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  4. sosmerc

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    I like the idea of being able to just turn it off as an option. But the system works well on my Volt so I leave it on all the time. (I can turn it off on the Volt).
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  5. SkookumPete

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    It’s an odd sort of in-between system that will steer the car but only if it knows you're steering as well. For me it's mostly useful for letting me turn my head to admire the scenery.

    As for the button, it's a "sticky" setting unlike say heated seats. When you turn off LKA, it stays off, contrary to a previous post.
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  6. KonaTom

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    Right. You can place a finger on the wheel spoke and just push it down a bit every ten seconds to tell kona your hands are on wheel. Gripping it doesn’t help, only torque is detected and it doesn’t take much
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  7. ehatch

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    Well, to help myself, I went to the dealership to double check the sensor, or motion question. The parts diagram does NOT show any sensor,so it's odd my "death grip" has enough forward/backward "movement" [think hanging on for dear life] for the LKA to return when I don't actually turn the steering wheel left/right.
    Again,my only concern post the NHTSA Tesla inquiry is for the OEM computer to be WRONG about my holding the steering wheel if I were in a collision. At fault ,or otherwise the following could really go sideways for me: insurance, police charges...
  8. ehatch

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    It would be good to get a legal thought. I imagine the Tesla Model S in the Culver crash will have a lawyer given the NHTSA report.I was drinking a hot chocolate,and eating a couple of apple turnovers today going at a speed that activates the LKA. I didn't have both hands off the steering wheel.No LKA "nags" since the roads forced me to steer,this time.
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  9. The question is really, does the car actually log the hands on steering wheel. If not, it's not a concern.

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  10. ehatch

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    By the way,every OEM collects data on vehicles.I think it was @Esprit1st who asked? Per my LKA steering wheel concern.

    I have forensic data on a crashed Bolt.It reveals how the car's computer[ECU],and external sensor "saw" two different speeds in an accident where the vehicle went airborne.Including a front end collision where airbags didn't go off despite meeting the speed for deployment.
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  11. ehatch

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    Screenshot_20190923-233451.png Screenshot_20190923-233724.png
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