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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by BobbyB, Oct 7, 2023.

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  1. Now the forum members know of one service department to avoid in SoCal.

    Have you considered notifying Carson Honda about the correct diagnosis?

    Which dealership was able to locate the problem?
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  3. David Yamashita

    David Yamashita New Member

    Ditto! Third condenser as well under warranty. It would have been helpful if the service rep explained the bumper removal as some of the reason for the long shop time, a couple of days.
  4. BobbyB

    BobbyB New Member

    Gardena Honda was able to fix the issue. I was thinking about contacting the other dealership to let them know, but I'm not sure they'd be too receptive.
  5. Thanks.

    This is just my perspective. If you don’t let someone know about a problem, there is little to no chance that the problem will be fixed. Honda typically emails a customer satisfaction survey to their customers after every service. That’s one way to handle the issue if your not comfortable talking to someone at the dealership, and it may actually be the best was for your message to be heard by someone who can actually do something.

    Most likely, you won’t be returning to Carson for service. So, why bother? Well, it doesn’t benefit the next customer if that service advisor continues to exhibit the same behavior he did with you.
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  6. Alex800st

    Alex800st Active Member

    review on google maps may help the next guy.
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  8. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Well-Known Member

    I'd just add (if you have a bad dealer) it can be difficult even to get a covered repair. The first time I brought my Clarity blowing warm air, they insisted it wasn't the condenser. They did an oil change and some other work, nothing big, but charged me $300 for the work. They cleverly marked the AC re-charge $0.0. I know what the $300 actually did. The next year I brought it back same problem (and requested nothing additional). Wouldn't take no for an answer. They threatened me with a $459 diagnosis fee. I called their bluff; agreed. The condenser was repaired the second go-round 2 years after initial request and in both cases I brought a printout of Honda's warranty extension. A diagnosis fee can make sense, but $459 seems like an amount you quote to hope someone will give up and go away. I have the highest level of extended warranty (the 8 year, highest milage, zero deductable). Even so, just painful to get this fixed at my dealer.

    For the record, once they replaced the condenser, there was zero cost to me. So in the end I did get the repair completely covered.
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  9. It might, if the next guy reads google map reviews before going to the local dealer. The review, however, will not inform the reader as to the current employment status of the belligerent service advisor or whether they’ve had their attitude properly adjusted.

    The customer satisfaction survey is equivalent to a kid bringing home a report card. It’s the direct approach and is most likely to result in a positive outcome for other customers.

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