A trip to Maine

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by solarjk, Oct 23, 2020.

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    So there are two parts of this. Charging costs have come down at EA. From my Florida trip in Feb at $ .53 per Kwh to Kia special price of $ .31 per Kwh in May, when of course we were all locked down (ha,ha) To this Maine trip with had a mix of $ .31 per Kwh in Maine ( plus tax ) to $ .18 a minute in NH which yielded a cost lass than my home charger!

    Then there is charging speed. I have a battery heater/heat pump model and had the winter setting on. Both days were in the 55 to 70 degree range, but the real temperature of the battery is its overnight temperature which starts off at maybe 50 degrees. Driving might add a few degrees, but it is the first fast charging session that get the temp up into the mid seventies that make fast charging possible. I did get a rate of 71.5 Kwh in Maine on the way home. Charger said that the max rate was 77 Kwh. By the way, the Maine charging location was the same on both trips, but on the way home, this was the second charge.

    I have also learned more about planning. On the Florida trip, I had a number of problems getting the charger to work, so I tended to hard to 90% which is slow.
    The charge point 62 Kw charger in Gardiner is about the northern most high speed charger going east or northeast. There are chargers in Canada of course, but the border is mostly closed because of COVD
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