A New Silverado EV Frontend and Interior Spotted

Discussion in 'Silverado EV' started by Nebula, Sep 29, 2022.

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  1. Those with a keen eye would have noticed during Press Day at the Detroit Auto Show GM showed off a Silverado EV with a new front end grill, interior, and also other small changes.

    During the public show GM swapped it out with the Silverado seen at all their other events.

    Check out the various videos uploaded on youtube from Auto publications and then look at other videos/photos from the public to catch all the differences.

    (Revealed Silverado EV)
    (Silverado During Detroit Auto Show Press Day)
    (Silverado During Detroit Auto Show Public Days)
    Silverado EV Detroit Public.jpg
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  3. Is the main difference the grill section on the front? That's the only change I think I'm seeing, but with the press day truck at an angle, it's hard to be sure.
  4. Yes, the main difference seen from this pic, is the much larger open air grill for cooling. Also from other videos shot at the show during press day there are brand new interior enhancements with different color, and the pickup bed also had new tie down attachment points.

    front grill.png
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  5. Good eye, thanks for sharing!

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