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Discussion in 'General' started by Joao C. Correa, Oct 5, 2017.

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  1. Joao C. Correa

    Joao C. Correa New Member

    I invented a hybrid working with compressed air... Indeed is a new energy recovery system, when the EV breaks a pump fill the air tank... Batteries are all the time charged by a generator working with compressed air... The problem is that the Chevy Volt adapted for work in that way without its regular fuel engine... is working just in my book, what was written in Portuguese language (Salvação Secreta - Amazon) and I can not find a translator for English... kkk P.S.: The generator has a secret in magnets and produce more energy than the usual... the same thing when they changed the permanent magnets in the wind generators and gain more 10% of electricity...
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  3. 82 EVA Ford EXP

    82 EVA Ford EXP New Member

  4. Joao C. Correa

    Joao C. Correa New Member

    Do not smile... :) This video below shows a generator working with a air compressed engine, just a sample (don't get serious the video proposal it's a kind of joke or investment fishing scam, so common in You Tube...) When you decelerated or brake a 3,543 lbs car you will have enough power to fill a air compressor tank (even if little by little).

  5. Rex B

    Rex B New Member

    Perpetual energy!
  6. Joao C. Correa

    Joao C. Correa New Member

    Perpetual energy!? Not in adapted Chevy Volt imagined in my book... Why not direct the recovery energy to the batteries instead for the electric pump that fill one of the two air compressed tank used in the system? Because batteries are not capacitors, it not absorbs all energy you can send to it at a unique time... We have the lessons in the endurance race prototypes, the LMP1 hybrids... Toyota tried used the new super-capacitors, Audi tried the Williams fly discs to buffer the energy from the recovery system and use it... but when Porsche comes with a new generation of lithium-ion batteries with more capacity to take energy , they won... The generator working with compressed air replaces the combustion engine that comes with the Volt, they used all computer system already installed by GM.
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  8. Jim J Fox

    Jim J Fox Member

    1. You have built and proven this invention?
    2. You have been granted patent rights?
    3. You have submitted it to a professional body for assessment?
    4. You have it running in your own vehicle?

    If NO to any of the above, I do not believe you.
  9. Joao C. Correa

    Joao C. Correa New Member

    "... is working just in my book..." I said it or not? I'm just discussing a concept trying to show that always have more things to try... I'm not trying sell nothing, even my book that is in Portuguese language. BTW sorry if I mistook you.
  10. Jim J Fox

    Jim J Fox Member

    Oh well- maybe something was lost in translation. But it is wearisome when claims are made without supporting evidence- people tend to believe things that fit their cognitive biases, be it aliens, or Nicola Tesla invented everything electrical, or water-powered cars, or... you get the picture?
  11. Joao C. Correa

    Joao C. Correa New Member

    Do you are against Julio Verne? :) People discussed about the submarine, dirigibles, travels to the Moon and center of earth, etc... I'm not comparing myself to Julio Verne but I did the same thing with my book... There, I'm talking about fictitious personages that changed the combustion engine of one fictitious Chevy Volt (that work just as generator in this specific hybrid) for an air compressed engine and reach a superior range without the use of any fossil fuel... Of course that is possible make this change, what must be proofed is that we reach a superior or even a same range for the vehicle using the energy recovery system described to work with the air compressed engine... But think about, when you charge the batteries of your Chevy Volt you can fill the air tank using the same source... no fossil fuels involved at all...
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  13. Jim J Fox

    Jim J Fox Member

    Well, whatever--- the day of the hybrid are numbered, very soon batteries [or some other electric power storage] will be greatly reduced in cost, weight & volume, plus have far higher power density and recharge capabilities. My bet is hybrids will be DEAD in 5-8 years.
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  14. Joao C. Correa

    Joao C. Correa New Member

    I agree totally... The system that I described only make sense because actual batteries does not absorb all energy that recovering system can produce and capacitors that can do that yet does not retain this energy long enough for a prolonged use... Well at least we can imagine someone filling the air tank of my fictitious Chevy Volt in the middle of nowhere with a mechanic pump... :)

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