A Better Route Planner & OBD2 scanners

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by robxb, Aug 23, 2019.

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  1. robxb

    robxb Active Member

    Has anyone used a bluetooth OBD2 scanner with ABRP? Which one did you get, and how fast is the refresh?

    I saw that the more expensive ones refresh every second, while the cheaper ones refresh every 10 seconds. Any thoughts on how the extra data provided by the pricier one might help predict your route better? Any other tips with these are appreciated.
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  3. Maybe this poster will ring in with more info:
  4. So, that's me ...
    I used abrp last weekend and I'm still not quite sure what to think about it in terms of en route usability.

    It is only a website, there is no app or Android auto interface. So you have to use your phone to navigate. I used to do that in my old Toyota Corolla, but now in my Hyundai I want to use the middle console screen and/or the HUD. I want my phone to be stowed away (distraction free driving).

    The developers are great with all the data etc. that's calculated in the background, but it is not an intuitive interface that's easy to use while driving. It might work better in a Tesla with the big screen and the internet connectivity, but on a phone screen not so much.

    That being said I tried to use abrp anyways, to test it. Once you are on the road it actually switches into a different mode and you can update the SOC manually (with up/down arrows that appear once you drive).

    It will then update the driving info based on the new data. So apparently that (and your current speed) will be done automatically by using an obd2 reader.

    However, I find it still kind of a clunky interface and distracting. So much that I personally wouldn't want to use it while driving.

    My personal conclusion is to use it for planning purposes only.

    However based on my test on using it while driving I would think that an expensive obd2 reader that updated every second vs a cheap one that updates only every 30 second or even less will not make any difference on your navigation experience. In the end, how much does it matter if you recalculate your SOC and speed every second or even every minute, or even every 5 minutes? So IF I would use an obd2 reader I would definitely start with a cheap one and see if I like the navigation experience in general. If at some point - or ever - I feel like it's not enough data, I would probably upgrade to a more expensive one.

    So, obviously it's your decision, but that's my two cents. I feel like the navigation experience with Google maps is A LOT better than abrp. Like, which lanes to take, traffic info, named roads, voice navigation, to name just a few. Even the Konas built in navigation is better and I'm not even a big fan of that because of its outdated roads and chargers.

    I hope this helps.

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  5. robxb

    robxb Active Member

    Thanks for the info. I suppose I just imagined the more expensive scanner would more accurately predict range based on driving style. I would definitely not want to use it while driving: planning purposes only. Google had gobbled up Waze a few years ago and made both services better (aside from the ads in Waze).. I wonder if it would be a good thing to happen to ABRP, where Google Maps could collect all that data (which your phone is likely already doing ANYWAY) and actually put it to good use. Would be great if Google Maps could plan out the drive, adjust for traffic, and have you stop at charging stations, even checking you in automatically on Maps and even third-party services like plugshare. Maybe someday...one can dream.
  6. Yeah, that would be great. ABRP is awesome but I think there is a lot of room for improvement.

    I don't think it calculated driving style anyways. Just your position, distance to go and maybe speed.

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  8. MSimpsonNJ

    MSimpsonNJ Active Member

    Revisiting this thread in view of the enhanced ODB functionality for ABRP. I have never jumped into the ODB pool but with the updated ABRP I'm seriously considering it. Can anyone recommend a good ODB reader that works well with these enhanced services and with the Kona EV?



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  10. MSimpsonNJ

    MSimpsonNJ Active Member

    Thanks so much! I should have mentioned that I have an iPhone so I will need one that works with ios.... I will explore this one though to see if they have an iPhone alternative.

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  11. Ed V

    Ed V New Member

    I think it is one of the better apps out there, but I use it off the phone. I check where the next charging station is and how much I need to charge and then route to it using google maps through the Apple Car Play. I then repeat for the next station. If Google ever incorporated this into their app they would have a world beater.
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  13. Obviously the app has changed a lot since then, I believe back then you had to open the web page in your browser on your phone. Now it's an app and even supports Android auto and apple car play.

    It works great with an OBD2 Reader, however I still don't like the navigation experience.

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