93 trillion over 10 years for the GND is NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

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    Take the claim that over the next 10 years the GND would cost 93 trillion to implement. Well that is absolutely nothing!. Tarp was 20 trillion plus and 21 trillion over the prior 10 years was lost per new Snowden files on the Pentagon- this is beyond what it already spent. So just the TARP scam and the pentagon scam would cover half the cost. But without a GND we won't have a country. And the GND is an economic stimulus like nothing else, it gets us off a dirty petrol rent seeking basis that is hollowing everything out and impoverishing the average American. It only cost about 100x what we spent bailing GM out and remember GM still owes the US tax payer about 20 billion that it wrote off.

    But look at the phony left and phony labor. I think of the AFL-CIO as having become anti-labor and having sold out labor and the average American citizen now for some time. They can't even support a basic income let alone the high indexed GAI we need. Their recent idiocy where they tried to say the GND was unrealistic and affordable is a perfect example of their being anti labor. What we can't afford is more petrol rent seeking- in fact we should be seeking reparations that are confiscatory in their aim and intent. Even if we didn't have a climate crisis we should working as hard as possible to put the fossil fuel industry out of business because its backward economics and politics are enslaving the population. It is the biggest threat to freedom at work and in the community and to world peace. There is no right for fossil fuel profit to exist, we've paid these parasites off 10000x for any contribution, we should have been off this economic crack 50-70 years ago! We can't afford the lying politicians and business people that say we can't afford the GND. We can't afford the non constructive billionaires which outside of people like Musk is almost all of them. Its about time the rich did some work- the rich doing some work is dignified instead of simply stealing the product created by other people- theft is not contribution.

    Another knock against the AFL-CIO- become educated have some people in your organization with some insight (even recent legal interventions have been bad) automation is coming, AI is real and you can't Luddite your way out of it, give a damn about the people you are supposed to be representing and take money from.

    Chomsky called the GOP the most destructive and dangerous entity in the world- amounting to a call for its dissolution, it and the right side of the already strongly rightward skewed democratic party are the problem. I think the aim the liberals in the US should be to try to outright eliminate the GOP (going after it for fraud and crime) and as part of crime fighting because it is an entity that is destroying the country like nothing else, all of its proposals and its very ideology come down to crime,criminality and self righteous entitled oppression, it is enabling a criminal class, its pure psychopathy and sociopathy and what it is almost always proposing should be straight up illegal. You don't tolerate an entity that tries to force the agenda of a microscopic criminal oppressor class on 99% of the rest of people- that's not legitimate political discourse its just an unending conspiracy, its like having an organized crime party- has to be recognize for what it has become. The notion that it is a 'mainstream' party is idiotic. It is the party of graft and bribery- the right side of the democratic party isn't much different needs the same approach.

    You can't have a entity that is viable in a democracy that is completely anti democracy in its aims as the GOP is, that is not balance it is unbelievably dangerous corruption. You can't have an empire party either because that is also not democracy. We can't have a party of slavery, one trying to take us back to the plantation, that is not a legitimate political position, its a criminal genocidal position. Its time for a business last society, democracy first society. So-called business is optional society isn't- even the word busy-ness is stupid we've taken an activity as banal as plumbing and tried to reduce it to the essence of living to try to glorify the greedy.

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