8 changes needed for the Porsche Taycan

Discussion in 'Porsche Taycan' started by 101101, Oct 25, 2019.

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    8 changes needed for the Porsche Taycan

    1. Fix the range- at least 300 miles

    2. Get rid of the unnecessary transmission
    - inelegant and unnecessary and more prone to break

    3. Fix the braking
    - two peddle solution that brakes like an early Prius hybrid

    4. Improve the tech- self driving should be an option for those that want it- yes it is a drivers car but if that driver has had a few too many they shouldn't have to call an Uber and leave their car in the lot- so full self-driving relatively quickly- note where Waymo is at with now removing the human supervisors from its taxis in Chandler Arizona.

    5. Get rid of all the switches on the inside- failure prone and old fashioned

    6. Fix the smudgy screens

    7. Fix the price- with all the options and above improvements $104k total is reasonable
    Remember Model 3 performances is half the price and with the 5% software power increase should hit 0-60 in about 3 seconds and the base roadster will apparently crush the top Taycan on performance for about the same price as the top Taycan so get the price of the top model with all options down to about $104 and all these fixes to be competitive.

    8. Fix the charging arrangement with Ionity- all the power should be coming from pure green sources meaning no natural gas or bio fuel or any of that and at market prices not prices pegged to fossil fuels prices to protect fossil fuels. This will be a scandal as big as diesel gate if Shell is left up to its devices.

    9. Make it possible to order without the dealers- dealers are a conflict of interest for everything but repairs but they shouldn't be in a position to push for failure prone products or jack up prices for no value added sales slop.

    All that said this is the only quality electric out there in the market that isn't a Tesla or a super expensive Rimac. So this is a reasonable first shot. I decided I do like the looks and styling after all. This is the first respectable non-Tesla effort. Also the non ridicule of Tesla by the VW CEO deserves praise. If Porsche can fix the above things on the Taycan then that will be a very positive sign.

    I don't think BMW will survive, I think it merges with Daimler or maybe even gets acquired by VW or just goes under. New BMW CEO sounds like a moron- unfortunate BMW's diesel gate hasn't ramped up yet, maybe his delusional attitude would be better if it had, seems like one of those animals that due to programming will run full speed into an on coming freight train blaring its horn with full flood light. But over all these steps by VW and Daimler stopping ICE development bode very well for the German auto sector.
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    Pouch battery... some feel it can be dangerous (speaking in relative terms) and talk that the Taycan that burned out a garage in Florida, may be due to the pouch tech. (Boeing apparently had serious issues with their pouch batteries on the 787 and was grounded in Japan for this).

    They are conducting a very thorough investigation.
    Findings until now:
    - Signs of thermal runaway
    - Signs of electric short circuiting
    - Electrical arc between battery cell and battery case; not believed to be initiating event.
    So, still too early to draw conclusions.
    Interestingly, the cells consist of 5 parallel 15Ah pouch cells in an ALU container).

    Comment about useless gadgetry on the inside, and useless dealers on the outside are two of the main reasons I bought an S Performance. Not really sure how legacy dealers hope to cope with the latter.
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    WoW!!!!!! Knock me over with a feather. I am stunned. o_O:confused:

    @101101 actually has a found a product that is not Tesla, and that he believes is a reasonable first shot.There have been ample posts by him denigrating, in the most severe terms, Taycan/Porsche/VW. I still remember the long tirades against the Taycan. Unfortunately you cannot separate out the three (May be Porsche and VW a little bit, but they are the same company)

    Why this change of heart, if I may ask?

    Some of the suggestions are worthy of consideration and are factually articulated.

    For the others, Taycan buyers do not want a Tesla copy cat, they need it feel like Porsche. And yes their lower models are in that ball park.

    The post would have been more powerful without the customary rant (at least it is at the very end).

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