530e e-drive maximum range

Discussion in 'BMW' started by Riccardo69, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Riccardo69

    Riccardo69 New Member

    530e e-drive maximum range
    G30 530e.
    Just withdrawn from the dealer (2 months ago) the car marked 34 km of autonomy in pure electric.
    Gradually now it has adapted to 25 km of autonomy in pure electric.
    Can someone share their experience?
    In dealership they say it is normal and depends on the driving style.
    Now at the beginning I was struggling a lot now are a couple of weeks that I go in echo pro and max edrive with "an egg" under the accelerator, but does not change the autonomy. Are these predictive algorithms so long to learn a new driving style?
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  3. In the US, it is rated by the EPA as having a 15-mile range (24.14 km), so 25 km sounds about right. Interesting that you had been getting 34 km (21.13 miles) at first. The only thing I can think of that might affect this change is driving style. If you drive more slowly, you'll get more range.

    Perhaps, though, that first, higher number was the range the car was telling you it would get, rather than actual measured range. If that's the case, it's likely just a matter of the car adjusting to your driving style and trying to reflect a more accurate range prediction.
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  4. Jimmy Truong

    Jimmy Truong Member

    My experience: after test drove 530e, I bought Tesla Model 3! German EV is a joke! If I really want 5ers, I would get Diesel engine!

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  5. Stephen Shiffrin

    Stephen Shiffrin New Member

    It depends on how you drive. My mpg can vary from lows 30s if I am doing high speed driving and have no opportunity to recharge (e.g., a few day trip out of town) and high 50s if I am doing almost all local driving and can recharge regularly (by local I mean trips of no more than 6 or 7 miles one way). And I drive with a lead foot.

    And...unlike the diesel...it is cleaner and has better acceleration.
  6. Pierre

    Pierre New Member

    Another thing to take into account, the mileage you do will also depend on the weather. I can do 35 km in the summer, but the range falls to the 20s in winter.
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