500e: Range adjustment for very hot/cold weather?

Discussion in 'Fiat/Chrysler' started by Tillman!, Oct 2, 2017.

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  1. Tillman!

    Tillman! New Member

    I have been looking at the used 500e as a local-use car to add to the pile-o-metal in the driveway.

    I know the alleged range of these, but they were designed for CA. My location has much more extreme weather, especially with heat. Does anyone have real-world experience on how running the AC or heater affects the range?
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  3. Looking around, it seems like sub-freezing temps can really impact the range of the 500e. I've seen reports of up to 50% range loss, though it would probably much better if it was kept in a heated garage.

    Lithium batteries don't perform well at low temps. Cars like the Chevrolet Bolt/Volt and Tesla Models have systems that help keep the battery within a favorable temperature range, so they aren't impacted as much.
  4. Farrell

    Farrell New Member

    Well in sac we get temps of 100+ and the range was the same about 85-90 miles efective range got one used as well
  5. jim

    jim Active Member

    If it has heated seat and or steering wheel that can be much more efficient that heating the whole vehicle. Is your commute near the max range of a 500e?

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