5 Performance Benefits of Electric

Discussion in 'General' started by Rob Lay, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Rob Lay

    Rob Lay Administrator Staff Member

    Great video done for Formula E. Pretty basic for most of us, but worth the 5 minutes.

    1) produce peak torque at zero RPM

    2) less weight in the drivetrain, more reliability, and no drivability or acceleration sacrifices associated with shifts.

    3) you can choose exactly how much power you want it to deliver at any given position, versus internal combustion engines which are more sensitive when you’re at low partial throttle (throttle body valve).

    4) electric motor to slow a vehicle down means less fade and wear on the brakes, and even the ability to downsize calipers and rotors for less unsprung mass.

    5) batteries are heavy, but they can be packaged in a way that helps maximize interior volume, and minimize the effect of that mass, yielding better handling.

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