35K Model 3 to take Bolt sales to ZERO?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Musk said that GM would sell a compliance rate number of Bolts and he was right on the number to with if memory serves less than 100 vehicles. His contention was that it wasn't a real entrant just a compliance gimmick.

    I finally saw one up close in a parking lot and in my opinion the styling is horrible to the point of pure econo-box. Its worse than a mini car- clownish like stubby little tennis shoes or something and I believe this was intentional. They hobbled this car on purpose. Interior is fine. Saw a black Volt the say prior in a parking lot and thought its styling in and out is fine, only the back could use a little improvement but front and profile are good. The difference between the two is that GM takes its seriously because its still dragging around an unneeded ICE engine.

    If you look what has happened with the Bolt against Model 3, the Model 3 is outselling it 9x last I looked could be 20x or 40x now. And this is with prices almost double in a lot of cases where the options drive the cost of the Model 3 up. I think we will see the cost of the Model 3 come down below 35k for some versions. Bolt better be priced at half that if it wants to stay in the market and even then I don't see it being taken up buy a lot of people.

    Its been shown that underhanded throwing of basket balls at the free throw line will possibly double the number of baskets by pro players but almost all refuse to do it, same here with the crippled looks of the Bolt- they made it look ridiculous on purpose. Can't want for Trump to get out, want an admin that will fine them massively for that kind of behavior or even seek prosecution- a compliance effort should lead to prosecution of executives and injuction- just my opinion. Not bailing this company out when it goes under again, hopefully Tesla going private will screw up its acquisition chances- GM going bankrupt in a big bon fire would help demarcate the transition to electrics.
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