240V-32A Charger Recommendation Needed

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Feb 22, 2018.

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  1. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

    Hello all,

    So, I've decided I need to buy a 240V charger and have an electrician install a dedicated line in my garage.

    I'm looking for a cheap, but reliable charger I can buy (preferably from Amazon). My sweet spot would be $400 or cheaper.

    Could you please post recommendations (explain why you like your charger or why you bought it) along with a link to the item?

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  3. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    ClipperCreek HCS-40. Simple and very reliable. Made in USA. $565

    ChargePoint Home 32A WiFi. Simple, but adds smart monitoring. Can check your usage using App or website. $630

    Not sure of units within your budget.
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  4. bpratt

    bpratt Active Member

    I am very happy with the Jekayla 40 amp charger which is $439 at Amazon. It has a KWH and a Volt meter built in. The only problem people have reported with the Jekayla is how hard it is to plug into the car and remove. Since I will never use it outside, I removed the rubber O ring inside the plug which made it a lot easier to plug and remove.
    I really don't know why I purchased the 40 amp instead of the 32 amp because the Clarity won't use more than 32.
    The Jekayla 32 amp is $399 at amazon.
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  5. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

    Yes, this is one that I was looking at and has good reviews. Link here for others who are interested.
  6. bpratt

    bpratt Active Member

    One other issue with the Jekayla is the cable length is only 16.4 feet. It worked perfectly for me, but you need to make sure your plug is installed within that length.
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  8. Harold lowery

    Harold lowery New Member

    I bought that exact 32 amp Jakayla charger for $399 from Amazon about 3 weeks ago for a new clarity with the 14-50 plug. It is well built, works seamlessly. My cold weather commute of 32 miles in the offutt afb area basically uses all the battery daily, it averages 2 hours and five minutes to fully charge, seems to use about 29.9 amps when fully charging, also tells how much power used. It will automatically start recharging battery if you do remote conditioning before you leave. I have it on a 40 amp line just like an electric stove setup and it works perfect with plenty of safety margin. Another benefit is that it is the same plug that my 50 amp 5th wheel uses so it can be used at a campground also.

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  9. Stugus

    Stugus New Member

    Just use an electric stove wiring connector 240 v
  10. glockgirl

    glockgirl Member

    I had an empty dryer plug, so I bought a 16a, 240v level 2 charger for only $260 on amazon. I needed something with a long cord option, since the laundry room is past the garage. This one has a 28 ft cord. It was taking me about 10hr to charge on 110 house plug. Anything from that, will be a big improvement. Plus, I didn't want to change the ampg on my dryer plug from 30a to 40a.
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  11. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Honda says the Clarity can accept up to 32 amps of 240-volt power, but what if it will actually accept 33 or 34 amps? Your 40-amp EVSE ensures your Clarity will get every amp it asks for and guarantees the fastest possible charging. Also, your next electric car (Honda, please bring your upcoming Urban EV to the US!) might accept 40 amps.
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  13. Atul Thakkar

    Atul Thakkar Active Member

    How much is charge time Now with your 240v 16A charger ... more like 4 hrs ?
  14. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    The Clarity has a 6.6kW charger so 6600/240 = 27.5 Amps. I've been seeing about 29A now that I have a charge that gives me that information. Even if your voltage sagged to 220V you would still be at 30 Amps.

  15. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify something here, EVSEs have an input and an ouput rating. An EVSE that uses 40 amp breaker and 8 AWG or larger Romex can charge a car up to 32 A continuous. This is the max the Clarity can use. My point here is buy something with 32 A or so output rating to maximize the Clarity (like HCS 40 from clipper creek). My Clarity actually charges at 30 A at 244 V on my home charger.
  16. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    PS, the 6.6 kW rating is worst case on residential 240 V, which could sag to at worst 220 V. Clarity must draw just under 30 A, which would be 6.6 kW at worst case 220 V. Mine charges at 7.1 to 7.2 kW for most of the charge since my voltage is at 244 volts.
  17. Docpsych

    Docpsych New Member

    I am not clear about why i will need a charger.
    I was thinking of having my electrician run a 240 volt 40 Amp line from my electrical panel to a J1772 outlet that he will install in my garage.
    Will that work?
  18. Docpsych

    Docpsych New Member

    I am not clear about why i will need a charger.
    I was thinking of having my electrician run a 240 volt 40 Amp line from my electrical panel to a J1772 outlet that he will install in my garage.
    Will that work?
  19. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    No - the EVSE controls the interaction between the 240V AC circuit and the car. To over simplify things - the EVSEs microprocessor makes sure that the car and charger "agree" about voltage, current, and safety issues such as grounds and ground faults.

  20. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    To be very clear, the charger is in the car but the Electric Vehichle Service Equipment is the safety device geo mentioned above. They are typically a box with a cord attached to a J1772 handle that plugs into the car. Your electrician would typically directly wire the EVSE to your electric service on a dedicated and discrete circuit for safety.

    You will either need to purchase an EVSE or see if your electrician will provide one.

    Welcome to the forum and the world of EVs.
  21. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    This is the key paragraph:

    Residential customers can receive a rebate of up to $500 toward their out-of-pocket expenses for an EV charger. The rebate does not cover the cost of installation. Customers who choose to install an optional dedicated time-of-use (TOU) meter will qualify for the LADWP’s EV discount of 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), plus receive an additional $250 bonus. This dedicated service will add additional cost to the installation process but will yield lower electricity costs for off peak charging.
  22. brentac

    brentac Member

    how long does it take to charge the clarity from dead at this? I was looking at that exact charger but wasn't sure if I should go 16amp or 32.

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