2032.2 mile trip, FL to Oh, 44.4 mpg

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by DaleL, Jun 26, 2018.

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  1. DaleL

    DaleL Active Member

    Friday, I drove to Kentucky from my home in Florida for a funeral. Then I went on to Ohio to visit with family. Monday, I drove home. The total trip distance was 2032.2 miles. I fueled a total of 8 times and used 45.8 gallons. I had no opportunity to charge at any point in the trip. As such, just about the entire trip was in HV mode. In order to maximize the amount of gasoline that I could put in the 7 gallon tank, I maintained the approximately 50% charge, that can be obtained using HV charge mode, just in case it might be needed if I ran out of gasoline. Overall mileage was 44.4 mpg. If I subtract out the approximately 50 miles that were driven in EV mode, the gasoline mileage was still a respectable 43.3 mpg.

    As has been previously posted, the estimated HV range displayed was initially wildly wrong. After the first fueling, it was 811 miles! With each subsequent fueling it got less crazy. On the last fueling it was a more reasonable 335 miles. (44.4 x 7 = 310.8)

    Another issue is the miles per gallon, as calculated by the trip computer, was exaggerated by about 10%. Thus the computer would claim I was getting 48.8 mpg instead of the actual 44.4 mpg. I believe that this is also a factor in the estimated HV range error. (48.8 x 7 = 341.6) Honda is reported to have a fix out for this.

    My lowest mileage was on my way north past Columbia, SC, 40.8 mpg. The Clarity's outside thermometer recorded temperatures peaking at 105 degrees F. Traffic was jammed up and stop and go. Also that segment went from near sea level to Spartanburg, SC, elevation 800 feet.

    My best mileage was driving from just west of Wytheville, VA, elevation 2280 feet, down out of the mountains on I-77 to I-26 to I-95, 305.9 miles, 6.539 gallons of gasoline, 46.78 mpg.

    My drive was pleasant and without any issues. My biggest desire was for a 9 gallon gasoline tank instead of the tiny 7 gallon tank. The low fuel warning light comes on when there is just one gallon of gasoline left. It is thus safe to drive an additional 20 or even 30 miles in HV mode. Then, if needed, I could switch to the standard mode which puts the Clarity into EV as long as there is enough battery charge. I arrived home with the car reporting 11 miles of range HV and 12 miles EV. On gassing up, I found I actually had about 1/2 gallon of gasoline which would have allowed 20 miles of driving, not just 11.
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  3. dstrauss

    dstrauss Well-Known Member

    DaleS to DaleL - you are one steely-eyed missile man my friend. 2000+ miles in four days - wow, just wow...

    PLUS - 44 mpg carrying 1000 more pounds than a regular Prius (which I never averaged better than 48 mpg on road trips in the four Prii I have owned) is astounding. Great job Dale and Honda!
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  4. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the first meaningful data set on true HV mpg (without EV) over a long distance and on a round trip.
    First time we've had all the variables taken care of to arrive at an accurate answer. Thanks for taking the time to record and to share.
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