Discussion in 'LYRIQ' started by Nebula, Jan 20, 2023.

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  1. https://brochures.cadillac.com/2024/lyriq/exterior/info/


    Tech / Lux / Sport Trims

    quick analysis grabbed from the Cadillac forums vs. Debut / 2023...
    • A lot of 'available' (vs. included in Debut / 2023).
    • Sport gets the different grill, Tech looses the animated lighting
    • Lots of colors
    • New wheel offerings, and AWD (Sport) can get 22" now
    • Leather available
    • Solid roof available
    • Opening moonroof available
    • Rear heated seats/rear climate control available (outboard)
    • Somehow 4 miles less range for RWD (AWD still not stated)
    • For some reason, only the Sport gets the tilt-out bin under the dash
    • Bat wings not shown - door opening process unclear. But they've never been shown on the Caddy site, so who really knows
    • Push-to-start button still present (photos anyway), phone key iPhone only.
    • NO mention of HUD.
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  3. Johnny Mars

    Johnny Mars Member

    So Tech is the base version, without AAC? Jeezopeets! And no auto dimming mirror and no Supercruise? I wonder if the seat has a motor or will we pump it up by hand. I prefer a metal roof to glass. I like the green color, but I wanted copper. My 2023 AWD will be white.
  4. And here is the order Guide:

    Attached Files:

  5. Pricing has been revealed curticy of the Lockhart Cadillac Dealership:

    Models / MSRP
    Tech $57,195
    Luxury 1 $61,295
    Sport 1 $61,795
    Luxury 2 $65,595
    Sport 2 $66,095
    Luxury 3 $69,195
    Sport 3 $69,695
    +Destination $1,395

    Additional Options:
    Propulsion, Electric AWD $3,500
    Charging Module 19.2kw $1,480
    Nappa Leather PKG $3,990
    Driver Assist PKG $2,400
    Black Painted Roof $600
    Crystal White $Tricoat $1,225
    Emerald Lake Metallic $625
    Nimbus Metallic $625
    Stellar Black Metallic $625
    Celestial Metallic $625
    Radiant Red Tintcoat $1,225
    Opulent Blue Metallic $625
    Argent Silver Metallic $0

    Panoramic Power Sunroof $1,600
  6. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    So Argent Silver Metallic is the only zero-cost color?

    I wonder if there is there a paint-savings discount on the Black Painted Roof if you also choose a Panoramic Power Sunroof?
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  8. Glass roof is standard on all trims, but you can opt for a version with a powered sunroof.
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  9. upload_2023-1-27_22-9-25.png

    Cadillac will be offering a $5,000 rebate to 2023 Lyriq Reservation Holders who are moved over to a 2024 MY.

    2024 MY Production is to start in February.
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  10. GM updated their page for 2024 Lyriq and showed the range for RWD and AWD:

    Lyriq Range.png
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  12. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    RWD 308-mile range vs AWD 307-mile range despite 160 more hp and 125 more lb-ft? Don't they both have 100 kWh Ultium batteries?

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