2022 Niro EV Died

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by David Thomas, Jul 24, 2022.

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  1. David Thomas

    David Thomas New Member

    During battery charging something weird happened to my Niro. House breaker tripped and then charging error showed on dash. Would not take a charge after that. Drove to store and then EV would not go in to gear. Dashboard and other features came on and system check showed no issues. Battery charging error displayed on dash. Now have to get it towed to dealer and they said they can not look at it for 3 weeks. Hope it is something minor. 2 months old with 1500 miles on it - stranded.
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  3. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    Man, you have a bad dealer. Contact Kia and let them know. I assume you are getting a loaner from the dealer; if not, toss that to Kia as well. Post about this everywhere. Let the dealership know that you intend to let everyone know about your situation and how it is being handled. My experience with Kia and my dealer has been quite different. Is there another dealer in your area? Let people here and elsewhere know who your dealer is so they can go elsewhere.
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  4. David Thomas

    David Thomas New Member

    Reached out to their customer service text line with my displeasure and gave them a chance to address my issue. Service manager stepped up and met me this morning. Did a quick assessment and committed to a tech checking it in the next few days. Will see what happens.
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  5. It appears that the Legacy dealerships are not fully embracing the new product line, at least not beyond the sales contract.

    Are you in the USA?
  6. David Thomas

    David Thomas New Member

    Got the final answer but was not happy with it. The small 12V battery was discharged somehow and once they recharged it, everything was fine. Fix that is not a fix. No explanation as to why the battery discharged - said we must have left the car on. Funny part was, when the issue happened, had 55% battery charge and was actively charging the vehicle. Buying a jump start battery for my electric car - who would have thought we needed to do that.
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  8. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Active Member

    Certainly an unfortunate thing to go through. I believe it is good practice for all Kia Niro owners to have a jump of some sort. Just in the event that their 12V dies randomly, or because a kid leaves an interior light on... best not to be stuck in the middle of somewhere dependent on someone else.

    I think something like this would suffice. Just stick under the trunk in the rear for worst case scenarios. I personally hate carrying extra weight in my Niro, but the peace of mind you get from having one of these is worth it, IMO.

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  9. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    12 volt batteries are the most common point of failure in EVs and ICE vehicles as well...other than the nut behind the wheel, of course. Tesla has had a 12 volt problem as well. Don't discount the possibility that the battery is bad. Honda replaced a 12 volt on a Ridgeline I owned after it became clear that it just wouldn't hold a charge. I have a charger that I keep connected to USB. I did have a dead 12 volt in my 2019 Niro EV once. Figured that was because I just wasn't going anywhere (a little thing called Covid, you might recall) and the car was just sitting around. What I carry:
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  10. GaeanGerhard

    GaeanGerhard New Member

    I think the 2022 has the new default setting that always keeps the 12V up to charge, so unless you've messed around in the Utility mode, the car may have been left on while charging. I'm not sure what issues that would cause, but tripping your home breaker is pretty surprising. (120V I presume?)

    Yes, the 12V portable jump starter is a good idea. I carry one in both my cars.
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