2022 Chevy Bolt EUV and refreshed Chevy Bolt EV have debuted

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Domenick, Feb 14, 2021.

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  2. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    GM sent teaser clips to their mailing list recently. I have not seen anything other than teasers so far.
  3. Video seems to be blocked, here is the link from Motor 1 with text as well:
    EUV gets sunroof, Nav, optional Super Cruise, and a dual voltage portable EVSE (optional on Bolt). Also reduced range (same battery pack as Bolt) @ 250 miles compared to Bolt's 259 miles due to slightly heavier weight.
    Here is an additional link to GM website with EUV and Bolt details:
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  4. racerx2005

    racerx2005 New Member

    The #BoltEUV is what the @ChevyElectric #BoltEV was supposed to be; not a significant change in size, was expecting to be compatible with the Honda CR-V size wise; the Bolt EUV will canibalize and probably kill the smaller Bolt EV. BTW, the range is also disappointing.

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  5. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    It’s crazy they just don’t make it look like a regular car. They would attract a far larger buyer group.

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  7. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    For those of us who love the Bolt EV, the super cruise on the EUV is the most interesting. The rest is not disappointing, not super exciting, and not unexpected. The drop in range for the EUV is not too bad, given the added size, which I suspect is just right for those of us who might have thought the Bolt EV was a bit too small inside, although actually quite adequate for most jobs. I have never been a big fan of sunroofs, so that is not particularly attractive for me. The charging facilities are not that enticing as I bought all the right accessories for lots of charging options for my 2017 Bolt EV, and I will just keep them for the new vehicle. I await the performance figures for the EUV, as I am sure the EV is probably the same. I don't see any information about towing yet. I will try and dig deeper to see if that is part of what the EUV can do. It it is, I am going straight for the EUV. I have to go through the pre-order stuff to find more details.....
    I took a slightly deeper look at the site. I don't find anything about towing, or hitches, or performance yet. Apparently, you can reserve the "launch edition" of the EUV for $100. The money is refundable from your dealer if you change your mind. I reserved it just in case the EUV turns out to be more enticing than at first glance. Right now, only super cruise, automatic emergency braking, and a slightly larger size commends it. Hopefully, the dealer has more specs than can be found on the web right now.
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  8. More than $5,000 CAD off the price is nice but there appears to only be one trim now. Dont see a Premier on the Canadian site. I was hoping for a little more than what were getting (range, fog lights, cooled seats being my top 3). But I digress. Its something.
  9. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Member

    I was really excited when the Bolt EV came out but I was really disappointed when it didn’t have adaptive cruise control. I drive a Niro EV now and I don’t see much difference between the Bolt EUV and the Niro EV. To get me out of my Niro EV the Bolt EUV would have to have AWD and real towing capacity.

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  10. I think I heard that neither of those things will happen.
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  12. I think the refreshed Bolt EV looks fantastic. I’ve always liked smaller cars and if this Bolt were available last summer I would have picked it over my Kona. One thing I notice on the Bolt EV is that they removed the roof rails. I wonder if they will have a premier version with those? A much faster DC charging rate would make it a winner for sure.
  13. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    Its all marketing. The EUV is really the Bolt EV but at a higher price to make it slightly bigger and include the Adaptive Cruise control, which we all wanted, emergency braking, finally, and a sunroof, etc., leaving the Bolt as the small car entry level EV. As the EUV seems to be only marginally bigger than the Bolt EV, its a Bolt EV really. We know its the same platform, battery, etc. So, the Bolt EUV IS a Bolt EV and so has adaptive cruise control etc. Manufacturers and their dealers don't change their spots just because they go electric.
  14. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    The EUV also gets the portable dual 110V/220V charge cable, wireless charging for phones, LED DRLs, and possibly a couple other things that may have slipped my mind: all standard equipment. Optional on the Bolt EV.
    *Edit to add: Oh, I believe the roof rails are standard on the EUV as well.
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  15. NbyNW

    NbyNW New Member Subscriber

    I was hoping for lots more so essentially they’re a big yawn. My attention is now on the mach-e. Sadly I have a pile of GM Card money available.
  16. Claire Green

    Claire Green Member

    The EUV is designed to LOOK bigger than the EV but numbers don't lie. EUV is 6 inches longer overall but 3 inches of that is in rear legroom. Trunk is marginally smaller than the EV with or without the rear seat folded. EV will have only 2 trim choices 1LT and 2 LT. EUV still has the LT and Premier trims. As Domenick mentions the roof rail is not available on the EV in any trim level and as far as I know there are only three extra cost options on the 2LT (wireless phone charging and adaptive cruise control and Bose/entertainment package) Note the color changes too.(cayenne orange is gone) Cajun red is now Cherry Red tintcoat and Oasis Blue is now Ice Blue Mettalic and Slate Grey is now Ghost Grey. There are no comfort/convenience, Driver Confidence1&2 as these are now standard on both 1LT and 2LT on the EV.
    In an effort to keep me in the "Chevy family" and make me a satisfied Chevrolet owner, GM instructed me to order my replacement Bolt from my nearest dealer. Dealer asked me what options I have on my 2017 Bolt LT (DCFC, comfort/convenience package plus Driver Confidence1) and his computer shows Orion plant has ceased production of 2021 Bolts so my replacement is going to be a 2022 Bolt 2LT. There is only one interior color choice for the EV (jet black leather or cloth) but the EUV has two choices (dark blue/black with ash gray) DCFC is now standard in both EV and EUV. Also note that 2022s are cheaper MSRP compared to outgoing Bolt of any model year.
    For those excited about supercruise, I believe you need to have Onstar subscription for it to work. Much like our old Bolts advertised as having Navigation but in reality it is not a standalone feature but tied to Onstar subscription.
    On the technical side the onboard charger now has a faster 11kw level2 speed up from our 7.2kw. Not sure about level3 improvements on speed or taper off. The dual voltage EVSE is only standard on the EUV and optional/extra cost on the EV.
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  17. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    The lack of a roof rail in the EV is a big deal in my view. I use mine on my 2017 Bolt EV enough to consider it basic essential equipment. The lack of towing specs, and lack of improvement in range killed the new models for me. I always felt that unless I can see about 100 miles improvement in range over my 2017 Bolt I would not upgrade. There is no reason to let go of my 2017 Bolt EV so I remain happy, and there are many options coming on the market, including from Ford and VW. The VW EUV has towing specifications, but it is unimpressive in many other ways. The Ford Mach-e has promise but no towing, and the Tesla Model Y is mostly what I want - at a price.
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  18. Claire Green

    Claire Green Member

    GM just announced a Silverado EV coming out in 2023/24 you seem to be in their targeted demographics. In addition to the VW and Ford alternatives you mentioned there's going to be the Cybertruck, Rivian, Bollinger, Lordstown, etc.
  19. GetOffYourGas

    GetOffYourGas Active Member

    Yeah, I use my roof rails all the time. And the rear camera in the mirror has been another God-send. I travel a lot with a growing family, and it's not uncommon to pack the trunk literally up to the roof. But with the camera, I still have better-than-mirror visibility anyway! No way would I buy a 2022+ EV.

    The only reason I would upgrade to an EUV is for more space. Yet the EUV somehow has a smaller trunk despite being 6" longer? Epic fail.
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  20. rgmichel

    rgmichel Member

    I wonder what "targeted demographics" is meant in this quote. No way this beholder would buy anything resembling a truck. Never had a truck, never wanted a truck, never needed a truck, would never be seen dead in a truck, etc. Same goes for an SUV. The nearest thing to my requirements is a mini-van with up to about 3000 lbs towing capability. Mini-vans are generally more convenient internally than SUVs, and provide a modicum of towing capability. So, we will see what the market brings. GM's EUV is about right for me in many ways, but its not quite good enough, because it has no towing specs and the range is no improvement over my Bolt... sad business. I expect to have to wait for more efficient battery technology to maintain the agility of the Bolt EV but add in the towing capability. The VW offering has the towing, but sacrifices range and agility. It needs a bigger battery. The Ford has no towing specs, but is otherwise fairly good. Same for the Jag. The Tesla Model Y does it, so its a matter of whether or not the $$$ are well spent. Trucks are for those people who want to tow in the range 4000 to >7000 lb and so on. That's a whole different category. Trucks are much bigger, and so you can pack in really big batteries that allow for towing, some performance, although less agility.
  21. Claire Green

    Claire Green Member

    I didn't mean any derogatory intent with my use of "targeted demographics", I simply meant you seem to want hauling and towing capabilities so naturally trucks came to my mind. You're right of course there are other possible choices like a minivan or a midsize suv that might meet your hauling and towing requirements but since we're ev owners here the first thing to come to my mind are the upcoming electric trucks.

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